Domainer lets you route custom domain names to specific sites on your Multisite installation. That’s it.

Domain Options

Each domain has 4 options you set:

  1. The target site; pick from a list of existing sites on your network.
  2. A type, choose from one of 3 flavours:
    • Primary: sites with a primary domain will have their URLs redirected to them.
    • Redirect: these domains will always redirect to the primary domain, or the original failing that.
    • Alias: these won’t redirect to the primary, so they’re bad for SEO but can be useful for certain setups.
  3. A www rule, choose from one of 3 options:
    • Always: always redirect to the domain with www at the front.
    • Never: always redirect to the domain without www at the front.
    • Auto: allow the domain to function with or without www, usually bad for SEO.

Content Rewriting

In order to reduce redirects while navigating the site, Domainer will replaced all instances of the site’s original domain name on the pages to that of the primary domain, or currently requested alias domain. This will not affect email addresses however; any filters on the content will only replace instances starting with a double slash so as to match URLs.

If you find instances of the domain not being replaced, such as in content filtered by 3rd party plugins, you can patch it with this function:

add_filter( 'my_filter', 'domainer_rewrite_url' );

The function can also take a domain or array of domains to replace, as well as a specific domain to replace with.


  1. Upload the contents of domainer.tar.gz to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Assuming the system is unable to take care of it automatically:
    1. Copy the sunrise.php file to /wp-content/.
    2. Add define('SUNRISE', true); to your wp-config.php file, anywhere above the ABSPATH line.
  4. Start adding domains under Network Admin > Domains.


This plugin was not tested with my version...ehm the current WP and I should listen to this warning. Plugin ruined wp-config.php as I did try to click on "give it a shot" Domainer cannot function until you complete the following: Copy sunrise.php file in Domainer’s plugin folder to your site’s wp-content directory. Add define('SUNRISE', true); to your site’s wp-config.php file. Domainer may be able to do this itself. Click here to give it a shot. Every page running on same Multisite WP Installation was down in no time and there was no access to WP Backoffice. There has been a critical error on your website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions. Very very very bad idea.
I was struggling to make Polylang domain mapping work for my multisite installation for days and booom. I found this plug-in and worked immediately with the option to add alias domain names to my primary website. It canceled the error I was getting with Polylang because domain names was not configured in the multisite installation. I had an url like /wp-signup.php?new= showing up when trying to access the alias for Polylang. Hope it will be maintained because WordPress doesn't support aliases natively. And I didn't find other alternatives for my installation. Thank you very much !
I needed to route custom domain names to specific sites on my Multisite installation. That’s it. Domainer lets me route custom domain names to specific sites on my Multisite installation. That’s it. It does exactly what I needed, does it transparently, and does it well.
after being a longtime user of WPMUDEV Domain Mapping (and having them inexplicably drop the plugin) i tried to use the salvaged version from GITHUB to no avail. broken. found this plugin by pure chance - installed and works instantly... plus its much BETTER -- centrally managed, incredibly simple. really appreciate this plugin, solved all my problems.
My programmer recommended this plugin, and at first I was worried as it hadn't been updated for a while and only received four reviews. It seems that my doubts were unjustified. So far it's working great 🙂
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Improved UX and error handling of Sunrise install process.


Network Only now. Fixed session handling that was causing loopback requests to fail.

Fixed subdirectory rewrites, ironed out install process.


Fixed rewrite handling on subdirectory style network setups.


Fixed handling of alias domains, improved security of remote login/logout.


Remote login capabilities, blog switching and site selecting fixes.


Fixed bug with deleting domains and certain redirect URLs.


Initial public release.