dynamic Image Slider


This is a plugin for making Easy image simple slider where admin can set border ,time of image,number of images to show in slider.Plugin is fully responsive.

How to Use

After installing plugin add post with featured image and post this shortcode it will generate a shortcode [Dynamic-Image-Slider] use this shortcode wherever you want to use.


it can run on any wordpress version it reqiores only html and css and some basic javascript.


  • For best slider view use same size images(in Dimensions).

Major features in Simpler Slider Plugin include:
a) Can be changed border color dynamically.
b) Can be changed slider time by admin options.
c) Can be border width.
d) Can be set numbers of images to show in slider.


  • This is the second screen shot

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Can i remove border of slider?

yes just use border width value 0.


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