Dynamic Shortcode Widget for Elementor


Dynamic Shortcode Elementor provides an easy to use interface for managing attributes for your shortcode.

What is Dynamic Shortcode Widget

Why you have to use your custom shortcodes so confused like [MyShortcode name=»John Doe» slogan=»"Simplicity is king"»]

With Dynamic Shortcode Widget for Elementor plugin you can just copy the shortcode name, attributes and its data to manage them all.. And now you can input your content in textarea or select your image from the media gallery. Also, you are no longer to concern about the html escape in your shortcode start from today.

You may find more on Github


This plugin does not support enclosing shortcode!

Privacy and GDPR

This plugin does not collect or process any personal user data.


  • Widget on elementor


  1. Put the plugin folder into [wordpress_dir]/wp-content/plugins/
  2. Go into the WordPress admin interface and activate the plugin
  3. Optional: go to the options page and configure the plugin

Часто задаваемые вопросы

How to create a custom shortcode

function custom_shortcode( $atts ) {
$attributes = shortcode_atts( array(
'name' => 'world'
), $atts );
return '<h1>Hello ' . $attributes['name'] . '!</h1>';
add_shortcode( 'helloworld', 'custom_shortcode' );

How to use the shortcode

Shortcode: [helloworld]
Outputs «Hello world!»

Shortcode: [helloworld name=”Bob”]
Outputs «Hello Bob!»


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  • Added WYSIWYG option for the type of input fields


  • Escape only with qoute characters instead of html


  • Added URL option for the type of input fields


  • Plugin announced
  • Options for the type of input fields