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e-Payouts for WooCommerce


We offer the best collecting solutions in the market, so there will always be a sales channel available that suits your customer’s needs.
We are a Company with years of experience in the market. We are focused in providing global collecting solutions through multiple and well known payment providers. That, allows our customers to focus on selling goods and services, saving time and money by integrating a collecting system on their projects.

Website: https://www.e-payouts.com

Payment methods: https://www.e-payouts.com/#providers

Recommendations and important notes

  • Some payment methods provided by e-Payouts (such as credit card payments) will confirm the payment immediately, so the payer will
    see the payment status as «Completed». However, other payment methods (such as local cash payment services) may take longer
    to confirm the payment. In these cases the payer will see the status «Processing». After the payment is confirmed
    by the local payments provider, the status will internally be updated to «Completed». Depending on your specific
    needs, you may want to use the «Hold Stock» WooCommerce setting if you need to make sure that stock is available for payments
    that are not notified immediately.


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  • You’ll need a working WordPress installation using the WooCommerce plugin (tested on versions 2.3.0 up to 2.6.11).

  • You’ll also need a standard e-Payouts services:
    You can create a e-Payouts account at https://www.e-payouts.com/ then a service at http://members.e-payouts.com/paymentbox.html

  • Go to «Plugins -> Add new», search for the e-Payouts plugin in the WordPress Plugin Directory then click «Install now».
    You can also click «Upload plugin» to manually upload the plugins’ zip file, after which it will be installed automatically.
    If for any reason this fails, you can also manually extract the plugin’s folder into wp-content/plugins/.

  • In your WordPress plugins panel, activate the e-Payouts plugin.

  • Go to the checkout configuration and proceed to configure the plugin:

    • The text fields contain the text that will be used during the checkout process.
    • The Service ID can be found near your service’s name at «Payment Box», at your e-Payouts panel.
    • Paste the provided IPN URL into the «Background URL (IPN)» setting at your service’s configuration
      at your e-Payouts panel (click the pencil icon at «My Services» to edit your service). ????

Часто задаваемые вопросы

  1. How to install?
    Check the installation instructions above.


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  • Initial release tested with WordPress 4.7, and WooCommerce 2.6.11