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Click To Tweet Boxes for Twitter By Cheeky Apps


Quickly create beautiful and responsive «Click to Tweet» & «Tweet This» Boxes for Twitter. This plugin will allow you to drive more Twitter traffic to your blog & give your readers an easy way to share your content.


Easy Click To Tweet leverages your current blog traffic in 3 ways:

  • Drive more Twitter traffic to your site via Social Media Twitter with Click To Tweet
  • Give your readers a better way to share Your content via Click To Tweet
  • Reduces bounce rates on your site. Giving your readers beautiful tweet boxes for Twitter to click, will not only help them engage with your content in ways you never thought possible, but you will be able to lower your bounce rate. Making both you & Google happy.

Easy Click To Tweet Boxes Features

  • No Coding CSS. Awesome interface to select Click To Tweet Boxes
  • Click to Tweet for Twitter Works with any WordPress Theme
  • Responsive Click To Tweet Boxes
  • Intuitive User Interface — building Click To TweetTweet Boxes for Twitter has never been easier
  • Choose from Three Easy to Use Click To Tweet Boxes for Twitter

Status of Easy Click To Tweet Boxes Premium

We are currently developing a «Premium» version of this plugin. If you have any bright ideas on how to improve the experence, please let us know.

Here is what we are currently working on:

*Remove «Powered By CheekyApps.com»
* More Gorgeous Click To Tweet for Twitter Designs.
* Priority Email Support.
* Tooltips.
* Access to «Highlight to Tweet»
* And much more….

Get on the Waiting List for Easy Click To Tweet for TwitterPremium >>


  • Awesome interface (WYSIWYG) to help choose the right ‘skin’ to match your Wordpress theme. (No CSS coding required).
  • See What Your ‘skin’ looks like before publishing your post or page.
  • Be notified when you surpass the Twitter 140 character count.
  • Simply press the ‘Twitter Bird’ on your WP post/page dashboard to active the interface


  1. Upload the Easy Pricing Tables plugin file (click-to-tweet.zip) to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. In your dashboard for any post or page, simply click the «blue bird» icon
  4. After you click the icon, a pop up will allow you to write the text you’d like to tweet and select your tweet box.
  5. For further directions, after installing the plugin, in your WordPress sidebar, read the more in-depth directions on how to use the plugin.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Now you can harness the power of Twitter straight from your website by installing Click to Tweet Boxes for Twitter.
To help you get the best out of Click to Tweet Boxes for Twitter, you can browse through this FAQ section. If you still have any questions about how to use Click to Tweet, then please ask by emailing us @ our website cheekyapps.com

How Do I Install The Plugin?
  • Click to Tweet Boxes for Twitter can be downloaded from the WordPress directory or directly from your WordPress installation by going to Plugins > Add New and searching for the plugin.
  • You will find that it is very easy to install Click to Tweet and start using Click to Tweet.

How long does the plugin take to install?
The plugin installs in a matter of seconds.

How Do I Setup the Click To Tweet?

When the plugin has been downloaded and installed successfully, you will notice a new menu on the left-hand section of your WordPress dashboard called «Click to Tweet».
This means that Click to Tweet has been installed successfully and you are now ready to start using it.

Do I need to know CSS?

  • No. You don’t need to know any CSS or HTML to start using Click to Tweet.

Is the plugin compatible with the latest version of WordPress?

  • Click to Tweet is constantly being updated and will run with the latest version of WordPress. If, however, you notice a bug or you have issues with your version of WordPress, please raise the issue in the support forum.

What is the Difference Between the Free Version and the Pro version?

  • The functionality of both the free version and the pro version of Click to Tweet is exactly the same.
    That means that you can install the free version on as many sites and on as many pages and posts as you wish.

  • However the pro version is still in development.

Will Click to Tweet Slow Down my Site?
* No. The plugin will not affect the speed of your site. The only thing that you will notice on your site is an increase in traffic back to your site when users start to share your tweets.

Is the Click to Tweet Boxes Plugin Responsive?

  • Yes. The plugin has been designed look great on any type of screen and on any website.

Why Should I Start Using Click to Tweet?

  • Click to Tweet has been designed to be as easy to use as possible to use. You can specify the exact text that you want users to tweet and you can specify a URL to be included in your tweet.

  • This means that you can specify exactly what text you want your site visitors to share.

How Can I Start Using Click to Tweet?

  • When Click to Tweet has been successfully installed, you will notice a Twitter icon on both your Page’s and Post’s Visual Editor. All you have to do is select where in the page or post you want the Click to Tweet box to appear, click the Twitter icon, insert your text, and press OK.

For the basic white skin you can also use the shortcode [Tweet theme=»basic-white»] to open and [/Tweet] to close.
The other shortcodes are [Tweet theme=»basic-full»] [/Tweet] and [Tweet theme=»basic-border»] [/Tweet]
Sharing Tweets

How do Clicks on my Site Get Shared?

When a visitor to your website clicks on the Click to Tweet link, they are taken to their Twitter account. If he is logged in, or when he logs in, all he has to do is click Tweet. The text that you specified between the shortcodes will be automatically posted to his Twitter news feed page.

Will I Really See an Increase in Traffic Back to my Site?

  • Research shows that tweets shared from websites drive traffic back to the source. You should see an increase in traffic on your website when you install Click to Tweet.

  • However, there are a few factors that can influence the number of visitors that Click to Tweet will drive back to your website.

How Can I Drive More Traffic Back to my Site?

  • To drive even more traffic back to your site you should always make sure that the text you put in the Click to Tweet box is exciting, will engage the users, and give them a reason to visit your site.
    You should also use hashtags properly. This means having a unique hashtag for your site and also using hashtags that are relevant to your post or page.

Where Can I Report Bugs?

  • In the unlikely event that you notice a bug in the plugin, you can contact us through the support forum.

Can I Contribute to Click to Tweet?
* If you feel that you can contribute to the development of Click to Tweet, then please email me or leave a message in the support forum.


Great plugin and it was really easy to use. It installed really easy on a few different sites. Great job, thanks.
Worked exactly as advertised and looks great. Installation to WordPress (most recent version as of 11/13/2015) was a breeze and I have since installed on several other sites.
This is a plugin that I didn’t know I needed … until I did. Was looking improve twitter exposure of my existing posts and just randomly searching to see what was available — installed a bunch of plugins and this is the one that remains — highly recommended!
making it easy to tweet stuff straight from the blog post is super useful. after installing this plugin I saw the instructions and got it set up within seconds. i highly recommend this its supper easy to use.
This plugin is working great for me. Super easy to set up and use and it’s already helped me drive twitter traffic back to my website. I love it.
Very good for easily sharing a designer tweet right from your post. Simple guide to understand what you need to do and once on the post back end you can tap the twitter button to create a custom tweet with #’s Once the post is live the tweet box is displayed at the top making it very easy for your visitors to tweet with their accounts with one click. tested the plugin and this didn’t effect load time Looking forward to buying the pro version.
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Click To Tweet for Twitter by CheekyApps

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Click To Tweet for Twitter by CheekyApps

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Click To Tweet for Twitter by CheekyApps 1.0.9

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