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I installed because of this: "Easy Facebook Feed makes things easy and will save you time, no annoying hassle with access tokens like other Facebook feed plugins." Then, the first option in the plugin settings is... can you guess? "Facebook Access Token" *facepalm.
This plugin is great! No access tokens, No API, No Security Keys, No needing to be the admin on the page. Just easy! Formats beautifully. Don't know why it doesn't have more users. I hope it continues to work.
I've installed and configured it in just minutes, and works great. And ready for translations, just that I needed
Works perfect. I changed to here from WD Facebook feed because that didn't show the images properly. The code of Easy Facebook Feed is way cleaner as well. I wanted the footer higher, so I used flexbox to re-arrange the footer to the top. See http://decapeline.nl if you want to see my solution.
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