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Post Type and Taxonomy Builder


🚀 Create and Manage Content Seamlessly 🚀

Have you ever wanted to create custom post types and taxonomies without getting tangled in lines of code? Now, you can do it effortlessly with the help of our intuitive post and taxonomy manager!

💡 Easy Post Type and Taxonomy Creation 💡

With our plugin, you can easily create different post types and taxonomies in just a few simple steps. No technical expertise needed — anyone can do it!

🏢 Extensive Library of Ready Post Types 🏢

Looking for a quick solution? Choose from our vast library of pre-built post types! We’ve got a post type for every purpose, from «Portfolio» to «Testimonial» and everything in between.


  • No coding knowledge required!
  • Simple step-by-step post type and taxonomy creation.
  • One-click creation from a diverse range of ready post types.
  • Organize content with ease and efficiency.

Welcome Featured Requests!

We love to hear from our users! If you have any suggestions or feature requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your feedback drives us to continuously improve the plugin.

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Журнал изменений


  • Improvement: Added the dashboard page.


  • Improvement: Updated compatibility for WordPress 6.2.2


  • New: Add new post type from scratch box in Library page.


  • New: Added the search post type feature in Library page.


  • Improvement: Added the label support while creating the new post type from the library.
  • Improvement: Added ‘Add New’ action link in the action links.
  • Improvement: Added ‘Hierarchical’ option for taxonomy.


  • Initial release