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EDD — PDF Invoice Bulk Downloader


Adds a bulk download function to the Easy Digital Downloads — PDF Invoices plugin.

After activating the plugin, you can instantly see the new bulk action «Download PDF Invoices» in the «Payment History» page of EDD.


To use this plugin, your WordPress website needs to meet the following conditions:

  1. The plugin Easy Digital Downloads is required.
  2. The plugin Easy Digital Downloads — PDF Invoices is required.
  3. Your webserver needs the zip extension.

Third-Party Extension

Please note that this is an unofficial extension for Easy Digital Downloads.

Therefore no support is provided by the EDD-team, only by the plugin author. The author of this plugin is not associated with Sandhills Development, LLC (the creators of EDD).

Want to report a bug or submit a pull request?

This plugin is maintained on GitHub:



  • The new bulk action, added by this plugin
  • Demo of the bulk action

Часто задаваемые вопросы

I cannot see the «Download PDF Invoices» action

Make sure that you have activated all required plugins («Easy Digital Downloads«, and «Easy Digital Downloads — PDF Invoices«) as well as this plugin.

If all three plugins are active on your website and you still cannot see the «Download PDF Invoices» action, then your webserver does not support the zip-extension. This extension is required to generate a zip archive containing all invoices. Therefore, the new bulk action is only added, when the zip-extension is available.

Does my website support the zip-extension?

There are good chances, that your website supports the zip extension — almost all professional web hosts include it today.

You can check, if your website is ready by following those simple steps:

  1. Open up wp-admin | Tools | Site Health
  2. Check the «Recommended Improvement» section for the message «The optional module, %s, is not installed, or has been disabled«
  3. If that message is not displayed, then you are all set!

Where can I get support?

Please use the WordPress.org support forums, or the forum in the GitHub repository.

Do not contact Easy Digital Downloads staff with questions about this plugin, as it’s not maintained by them.


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