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Editable Table Simple Fast FrontEnd From Sql tables


Make simple and fast FrontEnd Table From pre existing BackEnd Sql tables

Creating Table steps :

Dashboard EditableTable Setings:

1-Table Name (in Database) ==> insert the pre existing sql table name .

2-Column Name (in Database) ==> insert back end sql Column Name

3-Column Label (Frontend Label) ==> insert front end Column Name

4-Add Colum ==> Add as many colum you wish

5-after finish creating colums press [Creat New EdtbTable & Save] button

6- insert shortcode to wordpress pages

7- pagination

8- Tablel auto width 100% added to vertion 0.1.4

Thank You



EDBT is a plugin that can connect to any database and list this data in a table that is editable in the frontend. It is very easy to connect, since you only need to know the name of the database and the columns you want to display. The user can add, edit and modify data directly from the table, without needing to have access to the database or know SQL. Excellent work Claudio !!!
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