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EmailKit is a powerful tool specifically designed for WooCommerce users, allowing them to customize and design email templates for various important actions and events.

With EmailKit, you can effortlessly create visually appealing and personalized email templates for different stages of an order placed on your WooCommerce site. You can design individual email templates for new orders, orders in progress, cancelled and refunded products, updates on product stock, customer invoices, account registration, password reset emails, etc.

On the design front, you have 17+ elements to create stylish and engaging templates. This includes WooCommerce elements like Shipping Address, Billing Address, Order Item, and Custom Note. Besides, basic ones like Heading, Text, Image, Container, Column, Spacer, Divider Button, Video, and social icons are bundled with EmailKit. Plus, elements for Account Registration and Password Reset is available too.

Overall, EmailKit empowers you to create a cohesive and branded communication experience with your customers, enhancing engagement and fostering a professional image for your online store.
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Advanced features:


With a simple drag-and-drop interface, effortlessly create professional email templates for your WooCommerce store. By simply dragging and dropping elements such as images, text blocks, buttons, and social media icons, users can customize and arrange their email layouts with ease.


From header, content to layout and everything in between. Customize your WooCommerce emails from top to bottom. You can edit text and subtitle; change button style, and modify the layout with container, column, and divider layout. Every aspect of each element is customizable, including fonts, color, margin, and padding.


The majority of WooCommerce plugins and functionalities are fully compatible with the EmailKit WooCommerce email customizer plugin.


Instantly see visual changes as you customize WooCommerce email templates. Email builder provides a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality, ensuring a streamlined design process. With real-time preview, you can create professional and responsive email templates efficiently, without the need for advanced coding or design skills.


Besides drag and drop builder, you can create templates using HTML codes. Just enter the HTML code to design a custom template. Plus, when you design a template with drag & drop builder, the HTML code will be generated too.


With EmailKit you can design 15 different types of email for different stages and events of ordering a product.

  • New Order: Greet the customers with a captivating customized email. When users place a new order in your WooCommerce store, they will receive this email.
  • Customer Invoice: Email to send the invoice to the customers when they complete their payment.**
  • Processing Order: Create a template for an email to send when the order is under processing.
  • Completed Order: WooCommerce sends when the order is completed. Design a template for WooCommerce completed order emails.
  • Cancelled Order: Send emails on the cancellation of orders. Create cancelled order WooCommerce email template with EmailKit.
  • Failed Order: With EmailKit, create Failed Order WooCommerce email template and inform the customers when the order is failed to deliver.
  • Order on Hold: Create a template for order on hold Wocommerce email to inform the customers if their order is postponed temporarily.
  • Refunded Order: Email template when you send a refund for an order on your WooCommerce store.
  • Customer Note: Send a note to the customer to send additional information. Use the Customer Note email template to send the note.
  • Low Stock: An alert email when an item on the cart is low on stock! Design low-stock WooCommerce email template.
  • No Stock: An alert email when an item runs out of stock! Design a no-stock WooCommerce email template.
  • New User Registration: An email to send when a new user completes registration on your WooCommerce site.
  • Reset Password: Reset Password email template, an email sent when a user forgets the password and wants to set it.
  • Product on Back Order: An email to send when users add an out-of-stock product to their wishlist. Create Product on Back Order WooCommerce email template with EmailKit.


EmailKit comes with 17+ drag & drop elements that help you enhance your customer experience and increase conversions.

WooCommerce Elements
* Shipping Address
* Billing Address
* Billing & Shipping Address
* Order Item
* Customer Note

Basic Elements
* Heading
* Subtitle
* Text
* Button
* Upload image
* Video
* Container
* Column
* Divider
* Space
* Social Icon

Other Elements
* Account Registration
* Password Reset

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Prerequisite: EmailKit is email customizer for WooCommerce. Therefore make sure to install both WooCommerce before you can install EmailKit.

Installation Process->1: Go to the WordPress Dashboard➔Plugins➔Add New➔Search for “EmailKit”➔Install and Activate it.


Step->1: Unzip the EmailKit Folder if it is Zipped➔Upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/emailkit directory.

Step->2: After successful installation, just go to Installed Plugins➔click on the “activate” button to activate EmailKit.

Step->3: All Settings will be found in the EmailKit menu.

For further details check out the following documentation.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Where can I find the documentation?

For further details check out the following documentation.

What are the Required Plugins to Use EmailKit?

EmailKit email customizer requires WooCommerce plugin to be installed in WordPress.


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Hi Great plugin from WPmet, along with the perfect Shopengine Could you add a default nice template that we can activate without having to build new templates for all emails, better than the standard one of Woocommerce (very old school) that would be perfect thank you
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Журнал изменений

Version 1.5.1 — 27/02/2024
Added: Pre-built demo template selecting option in the editor
Added: Direct edit with EmailKit option from woocommerce email settings
Improved: Template activation/deactivation feature
Improved: Social icons widget
Improved: Security
Fixed: Cancelled order and failed order email sending issue

Version 1.5.0 — 04/02/2024
Added: Back Order email template type, widget, and demo
Added: Partial Payment email template type and demo
Added: No Stock email template type, widget, and demo
Added: Low Stock email template type, widget, and demo
Improved: Email builder UI
Improved: Woocommerce reset password email template
Improved: Refund email template
Improved: WordPress user register email template
Improved: Heading widget control
Fixed: Woocommerce new account creation duplication email issue
Fixed: Site name shortcode variable issue

Version 1.4.5 — 22/01/2024
Added: Email template status changing option on templates list dashboard
Added: WordPress reset password widget
Improved: Widget list sidebar panel
Improved: Save as template functionality
Improved: Email template selection popup
Improved: Global settings UI
Fixed: Shortcode variable issue

Version 1.4.0 — 31/12/2023
Added: Save as template feature
Added: Reset template option
Added: Quick responsive checking option
Added: Hex color code support option
Added: Pre-loader for template filtering
Improved: Customer Note widget
Improved: Refund order email template
Improved: Sub Title widget
Improved: Editor shortcode variable
Improved: Widget placing indicator
Improved: Scripts loading functionality
Fixed: Another author can’t edit the email template
Fixed: Billing & shipping address border issue
Fixed: Video widget width issue

Version 1.3.0 — 17/12/2023
Added: Email template thumbnails
Added: Template name update options popup
Added: Shortcode list popup in the editor
Improved: Templates filtering option
Improved: Order item widget UI
Improved: Back to dashboard popup
Improved: Widget control order according to priority
Fixed: Conflict with the Hello Elementor theme
Fixed: Widget control style broken issue

Version 1.2.0 — 26/11/2023
Added: Email template selecting option while creating a new email template
Added: Demo email sending option
Added: Undo and redo option by keyboard shortcut
Added: Woocommrece order demo data for email template design
Added: Shortcode variable in editor
Improved: Email template creating process
Improved: Builder editor panel
Improved: Content drag and drop process in the editor
Fixed: Compatibility issue with WordPress 6.4

Version 1.0.0 — 24/08/2023
* Initial release