Emergency Management


Provides means to reset all or selectable passwords (roles, users) and to delete (the related) sessions, to renew the security KEYs & SALTs and to define & monitor your required password complexity/strength.
Upon password reset, the related users will be informed by eMail. The eMail text can be edited easily through this plugin.
When a certain password strength/complexity has been set, related password hints will be displayed accordingly.
This plugin is self explanatory and can be accessed through the users menu.

Inspired by: Joe Sexton joe.@webtipblog.com (PW-Check with Regular Expressions and related basic functions structure)
Inspired by: andymoyle http://www.themoyles.co.uk (Plugin «Emergency password reset V6.1» providing this as a kind of ‘brute force’ functionality)

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Журнал изменений

  • Tested ok with WordPress 5.7
  • Fixed issue with saving eMail text under certain conditions
  • Changed German translation to default (informal)

  • Tested ok with WordPress 5.6.2

  • Minor bug fix for correct version display in help tab area
  • Minor bug fix to stay in selected admin tab upon action

  • Admin Tabs added for a more structured administration

  • Missing translation string added
  • Admin submenu and plugin action link selection for SALTs renewal will delete all sessions as well (as recommended)

  • Missing translation string added


  • Added admin help sidebar


  • Corrected behavior: in some cases, password wasn’t reset (and eMail wasn’t sent) when sessions were to be deleted in parallel.


  • Tested successfully with WordPress Version 5.6.


  • Prevent password lengths < 8 (security) and > 20 (WordPress database limit).
  • Prevent inadvertent form submits by the RETURN key.


  • Error in password check corrected!!
  • Increasing the size of the special character subset for the password check.


  • The detailed explanations and hints were moved to the standard admin ‘help’ tabs at the screen top.
  • The ‘help’ tabs include the Q&As (to be extended regularly as they will be growing).


  • Make sure that the local plugin translations are loaded, if they are provided with the plugin for the selected language.
    Otherwise, load the ones provided through the WordPress translations, if any.
    This is due to my experience that the proper SVN version synchronization with the WordPress languages directory has been found failing…
  • Minor code and translation improvements.


  • Minor code improvements.


  • Corrected the relative path to the translations.


  • Added the ability to just delete selected roles’ or user’s sessions as a separate function.


  • Minor code improvements.


  • Improved checking and feedbacks regarding the email content.
  • Prevent the password reset button from being pressed as long as the email text has not yet been set.
  • Re-arranged the structure for the success, warning and error messages.
  • Minor corrections in textual explanations and German translation.
  • Improvements in the code to comply with WordPress coding standards.


First stable version with all initial features.