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EventPrime is an easy to use, beginner-friendly WordPress Event Calendar Management plugin which empowers you with the ability to create events directly within the Events Calendar 📅 from the WordPress Dashboard. With this versatile event plugin, you can assign specific Event Types, Performer(s), and Event Site(s) to your events. You can create free, as well as paid events by enabling Bookings 🎫 from the event dashboard.

EventPrime is the newest event plugin built by the RegistrationMagic plugin team and in active development since past 12 months. EventPrime provide WordPress users the same level of control over event management that RegistrationMagic provides over user registration management. We are eager to get as much feedback from you as possible on our new event booking plugin. Give it a go and let us know how we did.

Cheers, EventPrime Team

With EventPrime, you now have an event management system to create your own event list just the way you always wanted. No more discord between what you create from the Dashboard and what is visible on the front-end. The Event Calendar on the front-end will appear exactly the way you configure it from the Dashboard. Event management in WordPress is now as easy as it can be.

EventPrime is an event plugin that supports single day events, multi-day events, event galleries, event feature image, event registration, event list and a lot more. Check out our Starter Guide to get up and running with this awesome event manager tool.

If you want more of EventPrime, do check out its Extensions. We have added Live Seating, Event Analytics, Event Sponsors, Stripe Payments and a lot more planned for the future!

EventPrime Dashboard

Event Manager

  • Create/Edit Events directly on the Events Calendar.
  • Set Event Date, Event Site, and Performer(s) from the Add Event pop-up.
  • Event Cards with at-the-glance information.
  • Access Event Dashboard for complete event manager toolkit where you’ll find all settings associated with an event.
  • Change view of the Calendar to Monthly, Weekly, or Daily for better event visibility.
  • Drag & drop Event on the Calendar from one date/time to another for a quick change in the Event’s timing.
  • Enable or disable event registration for attendees.
  • Additional Event Site Manager from where you can create/edit Event Sites.
  • Additional Performer Manager from where you can create/edit Performer(s) for your events. Such as Keynote Speakers, Actors, Hosts etc.
  • Additional Event Types Manager where you can create special Event Types. You can then assign these Event Types to specific events.

Attendees Manager

The Attendees Manager is where you can see all attendees for a specific event, or for all events. You can also view individual attendee details, and even add note for an attendee which the attendee can see on his/her event booking.

EventPrime Front-end


The Event Calendar

On the Front-end, EventPrime sports a beautiful yet convenient event calendar layout. The events can be displayed monthly, weekly, daily, event list, or as event cards. Hovering over any event in the calendar will display the event card in a pop-up. Viewers can see all information in brief about an event on this event card. Clicking on the event card will lead to the individual page for that event. Users can register as attendees for an event if event registration is enabled for it.


In addition to the comprehensive Events Calendar view, EventPrime offers complete directories for entities associated with events. The directory pages are created automatically on your site along with the installation and activation of EventPrime. The directories include:

  • Event Types
  • Event Sites & Locations
  • Performers

Single Entities

EventPrime also allows you to create individual entity pages using shortcodes with ID parameter. You can setup individual pages for:

  • Single Event
  • Single Event Type
  • Single Event Site & Location
  • Single Performer

User Account Area

The Directory and Single entity pages are for displaying Events and related entities. For a user to see his/her own activity with events, EventPrime offers a full-fledged User Account Area on the front-end. With this page, users can login and manage their event booking. Users can also cancel their event booking and find directions to an Event Site.


EventPrime offers you 4 highly useful widgets to setup anywhere on your site. These are:

  • Countdown Event Widget- This is a reverse countdown to upcoming events which you can select from the Widget settings. The upcoming events countdown displays the Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds left till the event goes live.
  • Slider Event Widget — This widget is a slideshow of the Featured Images from various Events on your site. Clicking on a Feature Image from the slideshow will lead to that Event’s individual page.
  • Calendar Event Widget — A smaller view of the Events Calendar that lists upcoming events underneath it.
  • Event Site Map — This widget contains Google Map with markers of all Event Sites & Locations.

What’s Next?

EventPrime is in active development with a lot of features planned ahead. Here’s a quick glimpse of what we have in queue for the future…

  • Recurring Events — One of the primary uses of an event planner system is to plan a series of events, that recur at specific intervals, well in advance. EventPrime team understands this and is working on introducing recurring events to its event planner toolset soon.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways — It is always important for an event organiser to accept event booking payments with their choice of payment gateway. EventPrime event booking plugin is going to make it easier for event organiser by adding more payment gateways. In addition to the existing payment gateway support with PayPal.
  • Import/Export Events — No event organiser or event planner tool can work standalone. That is why EventPrime team is going to add Import/Export events feature to work with other popular event management tools.
  • More Event List Widgets — We plan to add more widgets to our event list plugin. Widgets such as Featured Events, Recommended Events, Most Popular Events etc. Our aim with these widgets is to propel EventPrime to become the best event list plugin for WordPress.
  • Save Events — Event attendees find it easier when they are able to save preferred events to their user accounts for future reference. The EventPrime event list plugin will soon give this power to such event attendees.


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  1. Download the plugin zip.

  2. Open your WordPress Dashboard and access the ‘Plugins’ menu tab.

  3. Click on the ‘Upload Plugin’ button and enter path of the plugin zip that you downloaded. You can also drag & drop the file to the ‘Upload Plugin’ button.

  4. Click on the ‘Activate Plugin’ button.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

How can I get started with EventPrime?

Check out our Starter Guide to get up and running with EventPrime.

I found a bug in EventPrime. How should I report it to you?

That’s easy. Just write to us at our Contact page and our support team will get in touch with you in a matter of minutes.

I like EventPrime, but it doesn’t have some of the features I really require. How can I get them?

We are always happy to hear your particular needs and requirements. Similar to reporting a bug, just write to us at our Contact page. Our support team will contact you right away.


Июль 4, 2019
I have been searching and searching for a plugin that doesn't charge you an arm and a leg that will allow everything that this plugin does. I am SO HAPPY that I continued to look and found this one!! While everyone else is charging massive amounts just to have rsvp's or tickets on the event manager this one is not and it is EASY and straight forward! LOVE IT!! Any beginner or experienced person would be able to use this GORGEOUS plugin without fail and get everything they have been wanting. forget the others and get this one! You WON'T be sorry! YAY!! EVENT PRIME THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Brilliant Job!
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  • Age Group will not display on Event page frontend when the Event is open for all


  • Minor improvements to the admin Event Types page


  • Added compatibility with EventPrime Stripe Payments extension
  • Minor improvements to the admin Attendees page


  • Added new content to the Extensions page


  • Added paid bookings
  • Added compatibility with EventPrime Extensions: Live Seating, Event Analytics & Event Sponsors


  • Added better compatibility with most popular themes


  • Fixed front-end compatibility issues with other plugins


  • Minor design enhancement to Event Site card in Dashboard


  • Minor fixes to dashboard UI


  • Improvements to frontend layouts


  • Improved display for events with bookings disabled


  • Minor improvements to the frontend events calendar


  • Added link to Starter Guide in EventPrime Dashboard


  • Minor improvements to event settings and help-texts


  • Improvements to the Add Event dialog box in dashboard


  • Initial Release