Events Calendar for GeoDirectory


The Events Calendar add/on for GeoDirectory is a compelling way to feature events on your directory, using Custom Post Types (CPT). This events calendar plugin creates the CPT Events, by adding time and date to a standard listing. Users can now choose to list a place or an event.

Recurring Events Included

Do you host the same event every day, or every second week, or every 3 months, or once every 4 years? The Events Calendar for GeoDirectory has your back!

You can set events as recurring type daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and even pick custom dates.
The recurring interval can be from 1 to 30.

So if you select type weekly and interval 2, the events will happen every 2 weeks.

Events Calendar Widgets, Shortcodes or Blocks

It’s easy to sort events by selecting «upcoming,» «today,» «past» or «all» and display custom events lists, grids and a simple events calendar anywhere using Widgets, Shortcodes or Blocks. By default, events are ordered with the upcoming event first.

Events Locator

The Events Calendar for GeoDirectory is a full-featured Events Locator too. Events are easily displayed on a map, allowing user to locate your events with ease. Easily show distance from them and driving directions.

Premium add-ons

  • SEO Location Manager — Create a global Events Directory with unique pages for Countries, Regions, Cities, and Neighbourhoods. Also create an an events calendar of virtual Events without a physical address.
  • Pricing Manager — Set prices for the Events Submission on your Events Calendar & Directory. Enable/disable features per price. It uses our free GetPaid Plugin to manage payments, taxes, and invoices.
  • Custom Post Types — Create unlimited events custom post type, each with its own custom fields, prices and more.
  • MultiRatings and Reviews — Extend the review system allowing multiple rating categories (e.g., service, quality, price), add images to reviews and other cool features.
  • Advance search filters — Turns any Events custom field into an advance filter of the search widget. Adds smart autocompletes, geolocation, and much more. Search Events by date.
  • Buddypress Integration — Smoothly integrates The events Calendar for GeoDirectory with Buddypress.
  • Claim Listing Manager — Allow events owners to claim existing listings about their events and fine-tune them. Add/edit images, link to places (venues) and show an ‘owner-verified’ badge on the listing. Now with force upgrade/paid option.
  • Marker Cluster — Avoid cluttered maps by using numbered markers at high zoom levels. Now with super fast server-side clustering!
  • Duplicate alert — Alert users when they add an event with the same title (or other details) as another event.
  • Custom Map Styles — Modify the look and feel of all Maps widgets via an intuitive user interface, with color pickers and simple-to-use options.
  • Social Importer — Import events from Facebook. One listing at a time, no bulk scraping.
  • GD reCAPTCHA — Banish spam by adding the No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA widget to any GeoDirectory form.
  • Franchise Manager — Allows users to submit Events that span into multiple locations.
  • List Manager — Allows users to create their lists of events and make them public to other users.
  • WP All Import — Use the power of WP All Import to import your listings from anywhere with this add-on that integrates Wp All Import with The Events Calendar for GeoDirectory
  • Embeddable Ratings Badge — Let users embed their Events info with current ratings on their site, styled the way they want.
  • Compare Listings — Let your users compare Events side by side and compare vital info about the Events.

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  1. Upload ‘events-for-geodirectory’ directory to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin «Events for GeoDirectory» through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to WordPress Admin -> Events -> Settings and customize behaviour as needed


Pretty much everything I could ask for in an Events system, combined with great pro-active support. What's not to like 🙂
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Журнал изменений

  • Event schedules are not reflected on preview event — FIXED
  • Google Search Console shows timezone error for startDate for live events — FIXED

  • Default translation not working event start date & end date — FIXED

  • Draft event preview don’t show event dates sometimes — FIXED
  • Show field description for Is Recurring? field — FIXED
  • Deactivating the The events Calendar for GeoDirectory doesn’t hides Events admin menu — FIXED

  • Events Calendar for GeoDirectory now available on — CHANGED

  • [gd_post_meta] Fix formatting issue in event dates shortcode — ADDED
  • Show month & year dropdown in event dates datepicker — CHANGED
  • Plugin name changed to «Events for GeoDirectory» — CHANGED
  • Event end date field not visible when recurring is disabled via package — FIXED
  • Changes for extension move to — CHANGED

  • [gd_post_badge] now supports past, ongoing, upcoming conditions for events — ADDED

  • Change Jquery doc ready to pure JS doc ready so jQuery can be loaded without render blocking — CHANGED
  • Shows incorrect start time & end time with bootstrap style — FIXED

  • Changes for AyeCode UI compatibility — CHANGED
  • Event cal widget will lazy load now — CHANGED
  • No way to show event description set in field setting — FIXED

  • Web accessibility changes in search by event dates — CHANGED
  • Set performer & organizer in schema from fields if exists — CHANGED

  • Screen keyboard on iPhone 7 prevents working with the calendar — FIXED
  • Set event end to max no. of repeat if repeat date is empty — FIXED
  • Add hook for date and time separator — ADDED
  • Event post type category add/edit page shows wrong event schema options — FIXED
  • Sometime event calendar fails to load data on large directory — FIXED
  • [gd_post_meta] widget/shortcode key added for start date, end date, start time, end time — ADDED
  • Hackathon added as new event schema option — ADDED

  • Spelling mistake on online only event schema — FIXED
  • Set EventScheduled to active in schema even if no status is set — CHANGED

  • Allow to show event date raw value with gd_post_meta — CHANGED
  • Changes for Schema markup for disrupted events — ADDED
  • New pre defined field for setting event disruption status — ADDED

  • Event calendar looses the location when redirected to search page — FIXED
  • Show event date & time in RSS feed — ADDED
  • Event range from/to not returning all relevant results — FIXED
  • Listings widgets pagination shows wrong total number of events — FIXED
  • Event categories shows wrong terms count when no location set — FIXED
  • Single event option shows incorrect event date ordering — FIXED
  • New «GD > Event Schedules» widget added to display event schedules — ADDED

  • Linked posts widget has no option to filter event type — FIXED
  • Unable to translate month names in custom event type calendar — FIXED
  • Events calendar week start day setting not working — FIXED
  • Events calendar shows non published events on calendar — FIXED
  • Delete subsite removes data from main site on multisite network — FIXED

  • Weekend starts on Saturday — CHANGED
  • Remove pagination when an event filter is changed — FIXED

  • Event title meta variables not working with Yoast SEO — FIXED

  • Events spanning multiple days not shown for new sort time spans — FIXED

  • Display event past schedules if event has no upcoming schedules — CHANGED
  • More event filter options — ADDED

  • Map shows past events markers on map — FIXED
  • Import events should supports m/d/y date format — CHANGED

  • Allow to set recurring enabled by default for the event — CHANGED
  • Class and highlighting added for today on event calender — ADDED
  • Event dummy categories don’t have new cat icon set — ADDED

  • Edit form shows incorrect dates for the events created with v1 — FIXED

  • Event categories shows wrong location term counts — FIXED
  • Not able to translate «All %s» string — FIXED

  • Events query conflicts with advance ads plugin query — FIXED
  • Event detail page not generating startDate, endDate structured data — FIXED

  • [gd_post_meta] always shows icon & label for event_dates — FIXED
  • Some timezone shows date one day ahead in calendar selected dates for custom recurring event — FIXED

  • Changes for franchise manager addon — ADDED

  • Some plugins WP Query conflicts with event calendar query — FIXED
  • Added event_past class to calender widget for past dated — ADDED

  • Adding new date to custom recurring event resets the start and end hours — FIXED

  • Install script should only run if not upgrading from v1 — FIXED

  • First beta release — INFO