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Exact Score


The exact score plugin adds rich content to your blog by adding a live pie chart to the sidebar showing what people think the result of an upcoming football (soccer) match will be. The chart can be configured to display a particular event or can be set to random mode which will rotate between populare upcoming events.


  • Sample chart


  1. Upload the exactscore.php file to your ‘wp-content/plugins/’ folder.
  2. Login to your wordpress admin console.
  3. Under the ‘Plugins’ section, you should now be able to see the Exact Score plugin. Activate the plugin.
  4. Under the ‘Appearance’ menu, click on ‘Widgets’.
  5. Drag the ‘Exact Score Charts’ widget from the ‘Available Widgets’ section and drop it in the sidebar.
  6. Open up the widget in the sidebar in order to configure it.
  7. If you would like to display a random upcoming event then simply check ‘Random Event’. This will display a random event from the most popular events in the upcoming few days
  8. If you would like to focus on one event, then enter the name of any one of the teams taking part (e.g. ‘man utd’) and enter the date of the match (yyyy-mm-dd format).
  9. Click on save and head over to your blog page.. you should now see the chart on the side of your blog!

Часто задаваемые вопросы

I have added the chart but I am seeing a generic bar chart returned instead of the event chart?

The system is unable to find the team you specified in an event on the date you specified. When this happens a standard chart is returned. Try adjusting the team name or double check that the event date is correct.

The event chart is coming up but the wrong teams are displayed?

The system will try and match the team name as best as possible. If you put a partial team name in the field, this may result in the wrong event being displayed. For example, putting «man» in the team may match «Manchester Utd», «Manchester City» or «Numancia».

It’s still not working! What can I do?

Not to worry, please send an email to support@exact-score.com. We’ll gladly help you to get it sorted.


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Журнал изменений


  • Added field to allow custom label colours. This helps when displaying charts on a dark dark background.


  • First version