Extended Post Status


This plugin provides the option to add new statuses to the backend and define the system relevant status settings. You can add/edit statuses just as categories or tags. All statuses are available for all your post types.

You will find a new menu item located in the settings admin menu.


  • The status overview page
  • Quick edit with custom statuses
  • The status options in the classic post editor
  • The status options in gutenberg editor


  1. Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Use the new menu item Statuses in posts menu

Часто задаваемые вопросы

How does this plugin work?

As there is no core hook to add new items to the status dropdown in posts and in the quick edit view, js is required to achieve this. It is definently the most dirty way, but WP Core does not provide other ways to do it.

There is an open trac ticket fo this circumstance:

What happens when I delete the plugin?

Since all custom statuses would no longer be available, deleting the plugin will reset all posts, pages etc. with an custom status to the draft status.
This step cannot be undone by reinstalling the plugin!
However, the plugin can be deactivated without any problems (see «What happens when I delete a status or deactivate the plugin?»).

What happens when I delete a status or deactivate the plugin?

Be careful, posts without a valid status will be hidden! Just change the status of your post with a custom status to a system status (e.g. publish or draft) before you delete a custom status or deactivate the plugin.
Your posts will never be deleted, but you need to know your old status slugs once you have deleted a status or deactivated the plugin to get your posts back.

Why is a hidden status still visible in dropdowns?

The «Hide in admin drop downs» option only hides the status if the current post doesn’t have the status. As long as your post has the hidden status, the drop down will still show it.


Amazing plugin, thanks for this crazy workaround to what should be baked in. Unreal.. but thank you !
Simple, straightforward with clear explanations. My coding attempts at creating custom post statuses went nowhere until I found this plugin. Go under Settings to find Extended Post Status and experience the magic.
I didn't want to change core wp-includes/posts.php file every time I updated WordPress. This did the trick and is easy to use. Thank you!
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Журнал изменений


  • [Fixed] Status which were created by other plugins are no longer overwritten (Thanks to @ikancijan)
    See: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/fix-for-custom-statuses-by-other-plugins/
  • [Fixed] Add custom status meta box to gutenberg on all custom post types and not only for posts and pages
    See: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/public-not-working-for-listings/
  • [Fixed] Allow users with editing capabilities to see/preview posts with a non public status
    See: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/permalinks-further-issue/


  • [Fixed] If you delete the plugin, all posts, pages etc. with custom status will be reset to draft status.


  • [Fixed] PHP undefined indexes
  • [Fixed] Set default status to draft, if no status is selected.


  • [Fixed] Respect future status
  • [Fixed] Show planned (status future) posts in admin posts overview


  • [Fixed] Trashing posts inside the posts editor is not possible


  • [Fixed] PHP 7.4 access of non existing array object bug


  • [Fixed] Enable bulk editing of custom statuses.


  • [Added] Hide status in admin drop downs
  • [Fixed] Selected custom statuses will auto select other custom statuses in admin drop downs.


  • [Fixed] PHP error on accessing a non-object on admin menu page


  • [Added] Settings submenu item «Extended Post Status»
  • [Fixed] Quickedit custom status doesn’t show up
  • [Fixed] Non public posts won’t show up in admin «All» list
  • [Removed] Posts submenu item ‘Status’


  • [Fixed] Label of settings doesn’t work
  • [Fixed] PHP errors, wrong class declaration


  • [Fixed] PHP errors, wrong class declaration


  • [Fixed] New posts were saved as drafts instead of published
  • [Fixed] Translation errors


  • [Added] Settings section in «Settings > Wrtiting»


  • [Added] Support for all post types


  • [Added] Page and post count in status overview
  • [Fixed] Bug that removes all status settings when quickediting a status
  • [Fixed] Set slug length to max 20 chars because of posts status db field length


  • [Added] Page status support
  • [Fixed] Bug in displaying posts/pages in ‘all’ list


  • [Added] Initial version