Falang Q Importer


Falang is a multilanguage plugin for wordpress. Falang Q Importer will migrate qTranslateX datas to Falang system.
The plugin Locomotive need to be installed first

Supported language migration : English,Italian,French,German,Spanish
Just ask for other languages support.


1 — Backup your database
2 — Make sure to backup your database. Changes are irreversible.
3 — Install locomotive plugin
4 — Install Falang Q Importer plugin
5 — desactivate qtranslate plugin
5 — check your language configuration in Falang (same language and same default)
5 — Run batches n «Tools > Batches»

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Is qutranslate2Falang free?

Yes but without on site support.

Where to find help ?


I really was concerned because since two years the previous multilingual plugin I used wasn't in maintenance anymore so I couldn't make use of new wordpress block feature in my website which also featured a woocommerce cart with more than one hundred products. I asked the Falang developer if could help me to import my existing database without recreating my website from scratch, so he created this importer and I could migrate seamless my whole previous database and now it works. If do you like can check the truth of my review visiting [link removed by moderator -- please do not add links to your reviews] which make use of this importer and Falang multilingual plugin. I wish that support will be great as it has been hitherto. Thanks Falang for you great work, it solved my big concern.
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Журнал изменений

1.4 — 22/06/2020

  • fix taxonomy translation
  • add spanish support

1.3 — 16/06/2020

  • fix bug with non translated title
  • the target default language can be different from the qtranslate default language

1.2 — 01/06/2020

  • check Falang is installed

1.1 — 19/05/2020

  • Update code in a class Falang_Q_Importer


  • Initial release