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File Upload For WooCommerce


This plugin as the name shows allows the user to upload the file either on single product page or checkout page. It’s upto the Admin who can choose where the file upload button should show. Admin can also enable/disable this option . Admin also have the option to enable the multiple files or single files upload restriction by the user. Admin can also restrict the user to must upload file to continue.

There would be a folder create in your wp-content/uploads/file-upload-for-woocommerce where all the files will be uploaded and user can also manage the files from the admin side. It also has the option to show the upload file button on specific products and on different locations on checkout page too.

  • Upgrade — PRO


  • Gives Control to the Admin to Force/Require By User To Upload The File To Continue.
  • Gives Control to the Admin to Set By User To Upload Single or Multiple Files.
  • In Free Version in Admin Side User Can See the File Expiry Dates By Cron Job. But in PRO version user can delete Files right away or can change their expiry date.


  • File Upload For WooCommerce Settings
  • Global Settings
  • Product page Settings
  • Checkout Page Settings
  • Manage Files Settings
  • Front End Settings
  • Successfull File Upload Message
  • File Showing in Cart
  • File Showing in Email


  1. Upload \»file-upload-for-woocommerce.php\» to the \»/wp-content/plugins/\» directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the \»Plugins\» menu in WordPress.
    3.Hover on the WooCommerce and Select \»File Upload Settings\». That\’s where the settings of the plugin will be found

Часто задаваемые вопросы

How do I install File Upload For WooCommerce?

To install the free version of File Upload For WooCommerce, follow the steps below:
From your WordPress dashboard -> Go to Plugins -> Click on ‘Add new’-> In the Search field, enter File Upload For WooCommerce and choose the plugin.
Press install -> After installation, click Activate.

Does File Upload For WooCommerce Works with All Themes?

Yes!! File Upload For WooCommerce works with all the themes that respect the coding standards of WordPress set by its Codex.

Do I need to know how to code to use File Upload For WooCommerce?

No! File Upload For WooCommerce was designed to be easy to use by everyone, so there\’s no coding required.

Can i Upload Multiple Files?

Yes! but in PRO Version.

Do you Offer Support?

Yes we Do offer support!.


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