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Finpose — Accounting for WooCommerce


You can now fulfill all your WooCommerce needs without any hassle. With Finpose, you can manage tax, spendings, orders and accounts with just one plugin.

Be more productive by spending less time on mundane financial tasks. Finpose helps you manage taxes, expenses and orders with just one click — saving you hours of work every day.

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New Feature (4.4.0): Transaction fees are automatically saved as expense. Available in free version.

8 Modules Included

  • Spendings
    Add expenses and costs under custom categories. Findout top spending categories. Export spendings data to handover to accountant.
  • Tax
    In addition to sales tax, tax receivables from your spendings are automatically calculated. Tax balance for each month automatically calculated.
  • Orders
    Filter all orders by payment method, status and amount. Customer data along with payment breakdowns are provided. Results are exportable.
  • Accounts
    Monitor every action from your accounts (bank account, cards, payment gateways) regarding your business.
  • Inventory (PRO)
    Integrated with WooCommerce stock numbers. By adding unit costs, you can track cost of goods sold (COGS) and profit margins for each product.
  • Reporting (PRO)
    Annual Profit Loss report with monthly breakdown is provided instantly. You can compare changes over time to see how your store is performing.
  • Vendors (PRO)
    Manage vendor accounts, see balances for each of them, add payments and track upcoming payments.
  • Dashboard (PRO)
    All financial data regarding your store operation is given on a single page. Valuable data unique to Finpose, such as Spendings per Order, Profit per Day..etc. is provided.


  • Multi language (40+ languages)
  • Multisite support
  • Access control (limited to superadmin & shop manager roles)
  • AJAX requests
  • Integrated charts
  • Data Exports

For more information please check plugin website


  • Orders Filter and Export
  • Spendings
  • Taxes by Months
  • Sales Tax Details
  • Accounts and Transactions
  • Add New Spending



In order to Install and start using Finpose, you need to have following requirements.

PHP Minimum Version 5.4
WordPress Minimum Version 4.0
WooCommerce Minimum Version 3.0
MySQL Permissions CREATE TABLE permission required

For detailed install instructions, visit install documentation
Finpose Documentation

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Who should use this plugin?

It’s a must have plugin for online stores running on WooCommerce. It allows store owners monitor store finances.

Is it multi-currency?

If your shop is multi currency, order reports are listed with their own currency. All other actions (e.g. spendings) use default WooCommerce store currency.


Again no one is replying and no support and a lot of bugs and plugin never worked and the new web app has a lot of bugs and doesn't work, is that normal? I even requested refund but no answer no reply!
The plugin is great, we've been using the paid version for months and recently tried this free one as well. The author is very supportive and helpful, definitely a must have for each ecommerce website.
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