Flair Antispam


This WordPress plugin provides a way to filter content according to the defined patters (words/phrases), and
sets post status to draft, and comment status to 0 if their contents match the defined words and or phrases.

You can filter contents by any rules, and for all roles in your WordPress website/application.

* You run multiple sites associated with multiple brands, and don’t want to mix brand names in the
contents of each site (content editor).
* Don’t want users to use certain words/phrases in posts and comments.


  • From your WordPress Admin Dashboard, click on the Settings tab, to expand it’s
    details and then click on «Flair Antispam Config» menu item, to reveal the configuration
    form, where you input the words or phrases to search for in comments or posts.
    eg for words like; wolf, moon, woof, @gmail you will enter something like: wolf,moon,woof,@gmail


  • Configuration form example view.


  1. Install via the WordPress plugin repository or download and place in /wp-content/plugins directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the \’Plugins\’ menu in WordPress
  3. See this plugin’s configuration section to set the words/phrases to filter.


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Added do_actions, when such content is posted so other plugins can build on that. see docs.md for more.