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Flash Media Playback


The Flash Media Playback plugin allows you to easily embed a video component hosted by Adobe based on the Open Source Media Framework (http://www.osmf.org).

Syntax: [FMP] path to video file [/FMP]

There are a number of optional arguments you can specify, these include:

  • width — width of the video component
  • height — height of the video component
  • controlbar — video controlbar style (docked/floating/none)
  • autohide — automatically hide the control bar (true/false)
  • poster — full path to an image to show before video loads
  • playbutton — whether or not to show a play button overlay (true/false)
  • autoplay — whether video should automatically start playing (true/false)
  • loop — specify if video playback should loop (true/false)
  • streamType — specify the type of video stream (liveOrRecorded/live/recorded/dvr)
  • scaleMode — specify the video scale mode (letterbox/none/stretch/zoom)
  • backgroundColor — background color for the video (hexadecimal value)
  • configuration — full path to an XML configuration file
  • skin — full path to an XML skin for the video player

For more information about the configuration and skinning XML files, see the following PDF: http://www.osmf.org/downloads/pdf/using_fmp_smp.pdf


[FMP width="320" height="240" controlbar="none" autoplay="true"]http://mydomain.com/video.mp4[/FMP]

In the Flash Media Playback plugin options page you can specify whether to embed SWFObject (only disable this if you already have SWFObject included in your WordPress install).

You can decide whether or not to use the HTML5 video fallback feature (useful for devices that don’t support Flash such as the iPhone, iPad — requires H.264 video files) as well as set default values for all the optional arguments.


  • Flash Media Playback plugin options page


  • Unzip ‘flash-media-playback.zip’
  • Upload the ‘flash-media-playback’ folder to ‘/wp-content/plugins/’
  • Activate the plugin


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Журнал изменений


  • HTTP Streaming and Flash Access 2.0 support (requires Flash Player 10.1)
  • Support for stream type, scale mode, background color, configuration XML and skinning


  • HTML5 video fallback support for H.264 files.
  • Plugin settings page now allows you to set default values for all arguments.
  • Plugin settings page now has a reset to defaults option.


  • Flash Media Playback component embedding with optional arguments.