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I am making new WordPress Websites in Place of Other Sitebuilder Websites and am delighted with the Results with this Nifty little Program. This Feature really adds something to my Sidebar that attracts Readers Attention immediately to Content there and has appeal. I have tried this with one TINY FRAME Theme website plus two HIGHEND Theme websites with considerable success. Have placed it on the BOUQUET Theme with equal success. I like it and recommend it.
First I tried to paste this plugin codes to a page. It did not work (quotes not found). There was not enough clear instructions, either in support forum. I checked the widgets area and I got it working this way. I created two quote widgets right away. In some quotes half of a letter is missing in border line.
I had the plug-in installed and my quotes displayed in under 30 minutes. Perfect! Works like a dream.
Super simple and easy to set up. Was up and running with all my testimonials and styles in place in 10 minutes. No issues with this at all on the latest version of WordPress.
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