Instant Support Buttons — Call, Contact, Chat, Email


With the help of Instant Support Buttons visitors can quickly contact with website owner.
Please check demo of the Instant Support Buttons:-

Click Here to view demo

Instant Support Buttons is a decent ways to connect with customers through various social media platform. It has an elegant design options and simple settings
Forget about those vertical or horizontal floating bars that cover your website’s important content. Instant Support Buttons has a compact design so you don’t have to worry about your existing content or space availability.
You can also choose where to show the Instant Support Buttons like only showing on contact-us page or show everywhere except contact-us page. Just do like it suits your website’s layout. Moreover, it’s mobile responsive and adapts the available screen in no time.

Here is the list of some Features:

  • Customers can directly contact with website owner using Whats app Messenger
  • Customers connect to you through Slack, Skype, Telegram, Viber and Facebook.
  • Simple ‘Callback Request’ option.
  • Show the floating contact bar in your selected pages or on the entire website.
  • Add/Remove any social media icon at any point of time with a single click.


  • Instant Support Buttons frontend view
  • Instant Support Buttons settings


Install via WordPress Admin (best plugin installation method)

  • Login to WordPress Admin
    In the left menu panel go to Plugins >> Add New plugin
  • Just search «Instant Support Buttons»
  • Click on Install Now.
  • After that just activate the plugin
  • Note:-Please fill information in Settings panel according to your requirement. Don’t forget to select option in “Display Social media” settings.


Saves a ton of work! Makes it so much easier to create a new language on sites.
I've tried a lot of online support plugins and this one is the best. No paranoic ads all around backend, no limited functions, no headache. It simply works out of the box, setup and forget. I love this plugin!
Hi, thanks for the plugin. Easy to use and, though al little intrusive, it can be useful when the main goal is having people contact you. Just a quick note that the whatsapp seems not to work properly. It opens a blank page and then launches the whatsapp app. After closing whatsapp you find a blank page that you need to click back to return to your page. Also, i noticed that Chrome opens my apps outlook, gmail and paypal for mails (paypal? why?) regards
Перебрала кучу плагинов, этот худо бедно не имеет дичайших косяков ни по текстам, ни по дизайну. Два недостатка: 1) кнопка "Позвони мне (или позвони сейчас)". это не обратный звонок, а команда для пользователя позвонить. почему на ты? при том, что для эл. письма рядом формулировка "Напишите ..." мелочь, но неужели не сделать единообразно. Пришлось отключить, не смертельно. 2) окно не закрывается никак, кроме клика на крестик. это действително косяк. В остальном ок. настраиваются цвета. нормальные автоответы. в сравнении с остальными инвалидными плагинами за бесплатно - это просто шик.
I tested the plugin and it simple and useful. Not like others too bulky and too many functions but forgot the simple is the best. Keep Going and Make life easier!
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Журнал изменений

Version 1.1 || 28 Feb 2020

Added:- Call Now Button
Added:- Not Interested Button in plugin review box
Fixed:- Wrong Translation
Fixed:- Button Style for safari
Fixed:- Deactivation feedback form bug
Improvements:- Created separate file for functions

Version 1.0.4

Improvements:-sanitize all input fields
Improvements:-code Improvements

Version 1.0.2

Improvements:-Improved settings panel
Improvements:-Improved Viber icon
Integrated:- Deactivation Feedback Form
Changed:- Changed plugin name

Version 1.0.1

Improvements:-Improved settings panel

—initial release—