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footnotes aims to be the all-in-one solution for displaying an automatically-generated list of references on your Page or Post. The Plugin ships with a set of defaults while also empowering you to control how your footnotes are being displayed.

footnotes gives you the ability to display well-formatted footnotes on your WordPress Pages and Posts, as well as in post excerpts with fully functional tooltips if enabled.

Featured on wpmudev — cheers for the review, folks!

Основные функции

  • Fully-customizable footnote start and end shortcodes;
  • styled hyperlink tooltips;
  • responsive reference container with customisable position;
  • ability to display reference container inside a widget;
  • wide choice of numbering styles;
  • freely-configurable optional backlink symbol;
  • configurable footnote appearance; and
  • shortcodes button in Post editor.


These are a few examples of possible ways to delimit your footnotes:

  1. Your awesome text((with an awesome footnote))
  2. Your awesome text[ref]with an awesome footnote[/ref]
  3. Your awesome text<fn&rt;with an awesome footnote</fn>
  4. Your awesome textcustom-start-shortcodewith an awesome footnotecustom-end-shortcode


Please report feature requests, bugs and other support related questions in the WordPress Support Forum.

Speak your mind, unload your burden, bring it up, and feel free to post your rating and review!.


  • Plugin settings can be found under the default ‘Settings’ menu.
  • Settings for the References Container.
  • Settings for footnotes styling.
  • Settings for footnotes love.
  • Other Settings.
  • The How-To section in the footnotes settings.
  • Here you can see the footnotes Plugin at work.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Is your Plugin a fork of another Plugin?

No, this Plugin has been written from scratch. Of course some inspirations on how to do or how to not do things were taken from other plugins.

Your Plugin is awesome! How do I convert my footnotes if I used one of the other footnotes plugins out there?

  • For anyone interested in converting from FD Footnotes Plugin, see this write-up from footnotes user @southwest
  • From what we’ve researched, all other footnotes Plugins use open and close shortcodes, which can be left as-is. In the footnotes settings menu, you can setup footnotes to use the existing (i.e., previously-used) shortcodes. Too easy? Yippy Ki-Yey!


A lot of functionality but no examples of how to use it. I don't know if it's all-in-one or even if it's working at all because I couldn't figure out how to make it work. Guys put some effort into explaining how to use your plugin.
This plugin is excellent and very stable. I have used it in the past and I"m now using it on a new project. My thanks to Mark and the other contributors! The only thing I would like to see added is named footnotes, as in MediaWiki/Wikipedia. This would save from repeating all the footnote text each time the footnote is used. Here's how it works in Mediawiki/Wikipedia, although another notation may be better for this plugin: The lyrics are great.<ref name="hello">You say goodby and I say hello</ref> ..... There are some great lyrics out there.<ref name="hello"/>
I love this plugin. It does exactly what I need it to do. It looks sleep in my site and I hope that it gets updated and isn’t abandoned. Brilliant …
Thank you very much for creating and updating this awesome plugin. I found it very useful and simple to use. Hope the developer add more awesome functinalities! Thanks!
Was looking for a footnotes plugin for my blog. After reading a dozen reviews I decided on "footnotes". I just installed this on my WP/Oxygen site and was very pleased with the results. I hope he finds a developer to work with! Will let you know how it works in the long run. Thanks!
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Журнал изменений


  • Bugfix: fix WYSIWYG editor error message, thanks to @ogbcashdown bug report.


  • Reissue of 2.7.1.


  • Bugfix: Stylesheets: namespace collapsed CSS class, thanks to @cybermrmotte @markyz89 bug reports.
  • Dashboard: move Plugin settings under default WP Settings menu.
  • Bugfix: Footnotes: fix bug when using multiple paragraphs in footnotes.
  • Documentation: remove outdated MCI/ManFisher references.
  • Documentation: split changelog into seperate file.


  • Adding: Reference container: optionally per section by shortcode, thanks to @grflukas issue report.
  • Bugfix: Excerpts: make excerpt handling backward compatible, thanks to @mfessler bug report.
  • Bugfix: Dashboard: debug the ‘Quick start guide’ tab, thanks to @rumperuu bug report.


  • Bugfix: Process: fix issue that caused some footnotes to not be processed, thanks to @docteurfitness @rkupadhya @offpeakdesign bug reports.