Force Update Translations


Скачайте переводы тем и плагинов WordPress и примените на своем сайте вручную, даже если языковой пакет не был выпущен или одобрен на


  • Ссылка «Обновить перевод» появится в вашем списке плагинов.


I am so glad to find this plugin. We have international users for our plugin that help out by submitting translations. The problem is, there is no way for them to use the translations until it goes through a formal approval process. This is a wonderful solution, we can point our users to this plugin so they can use the translations right away. Thanks so much for making this!
Bad description of the features in the readme: no possibility to import translations for themes. Bad support.
When I translate plugins or themes I need to see partial translations to check I'm doing right. Exporting .mo files was boring me... just when I found this plugin! Very useful. Thank you for developing it.
We had to manually download .mo for some translation changes. (And because it's not 100% translated in my language, then no automatic update translation.) It's not easy for most users. This plugin helps a lot. Thank you so much.
Just suggest translations to your language on but not always need to wait for approval. One-click fix!
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  • Tested up to WP 5.2.2 props @pedromendonca
  • Check if if user Locale isn’t ‘en_US’ props @pedromendonca


  • Add Multisite support. props @pedromendonca


  • Check if plugin exists in plugin directory. props @pedromendonca


  • Make target locale switchable by user setting. Thanks for reporting @dartui
  • Improve escaping. Thanks for reporting @miyauchi


  • Export only Current/Waiting/Fuzzy translations. props @nao
  • Capitalize plugin name.