Form Masks for Elementor


=> Now the plugin support masks on popups forms.

Form Masks for Elementor create a custom control in field advanced tab for your customize your fields with masks. This plugin require the Elementor Pro (Form Widget).

The masks function with filed types ‘text’.

Masks Available (FREE VERSION)

  • Phone — ‘0000-0000’ or ‘(000) 000-0000’ or ‘(00) 0000-0000’ or ‘(00) 0.0000-0000’

  • CPF — ‘000.000.000-00’

  • CNPJ — ‘00.000.000/0000-00’

  • Date — ’00/00/0000′

  • Time — ’00:00:00′

  • Date and Time — ’00/00/0000 00:00:00′

  • Money — ‘,00’

  • CEP — ‘00000-000’

  • Credit Card — 0000-0000-0000-0000

  • Credit Card Date — 00/00


Get PRO version Click Here

In PRO version you WRITE YOUR CUSTOM MASKS. Create the mask you want for your fields!


This plugin use the jQuery Mask library plugin. jQuery Mask Plugin


  1. Upload the plugin files to the WordPress

  2. Activate the plugin in WordPress

  3. Go to Widget Elementor Pro in your page

  4. Select the custom mask for field in advanced field tab

  5. Go to the page for see the results (outside the Elementor editor)


Muito útil, e agora melhor com as máscaras funcionando em popups! It was a allready a great plugin, now better with masks working on popups! Thanks Eduardo for the quick answer and release of a fix!
Works very well, within limits. Some masks might give surprising results so you need to check the output carefully with the full scope of possible entries. Adding impossible times is allowed and produces a figure different to the input as a result. Impossible dates are also allowed and give rise to the same figures as the input. I'd have definitely considered purchasing the pro version if there was more information on entering custom masks. The possibility is mentioned but I found no information on the process involved or the scope of what is possible. Regex would be good...
É incrível as funcionalidades deste plugin, o mais incrível ainda é que é gratuito. Oque ele proporciona muitos outros plugin cobram pra isso. Está de parabéns o criador, obrigado por compartilhar.
It did not work with WordPress version 5.4.1, Elementor: Version 2.9.11 and Elementor PRO: Version 2.9.5
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Журнал изменений


  • Fix: active mask on popup is called by link, button and others.


  • Support for Elementor Popup.


  • Add new mask — Credit card and Credit card date.


  • Add new mask — Phone 9 digits.


  • Update the mask control.


  • Initial release.