FormCraft — Contact Form Builder for WordPress


Drag & Drop Form Builder

FormCraft is a drag-and-drop form builder to create and embed forms, and track submissions. Our WYSIWYG form builder is fast, easy-to-use and offers extensive customization, allowing you to build simple contact forms or complicated application forms.

Create Gorgeous Forms

Forms don’t have to look ugly anymore. We have spent a lot of time on our form builder platform to make sure all the forms made with FormCraft form builder are as stylish and beautiful as your website. All our forms are responsive on all devices, by default. FormCraft form builder is a great alternate to other form builders like Contact Form 7

Responsive All The Way

The future is mobile. All your forms are responsive by default. You don’t need to flip a switch. It’s built-in.

Email Notifications

You don’t have to login to your WordPress to check for new entries. We will send over all new entry notifications via email.


FormCraft can be used to make a variety of forms, like contact form, support form, application form, etc …

4th Gen Form Building Platform

FormCraft is based on our 4th Gen form building platform, which is a complete re-write over the 3rd Gen platform. It is fast, lightweight, and makes gorgeous forms.


  1. Drag & drop form builder
  2. Responsive forms
  3. Support for 8 fields types, including custom HTML
  4. Embed forms using shortcode in your site
  5. Get live email notifications on form submissions
  6. Export / Import form templates
  7. Lightweight and fast
  8. Form validation — front-end and back-end
  9. Translation-ready

Support & FeedBack

If you like FormCraft form builder, please give us a rating! If you have any support issues, or need any help with the form builder, you can use the forum. We are constantly striving to improve our form builder platform, and your feedback is most valuable.

FormCraft Premium

If you like FormCraft Basic, you might want to give our premium offering a try. Additional features in FormCraft Premium Form Builder are:

  1. Conditional Logic
  2. Math logic for making order forms, quizzes
  3. Auto-save form progress
  4. Over 20+ form fields, including special fields like star rating, sliders, matrix, etc …
  5. Accept multiple files uploads using the forms
  6. Integrations for popular services like MailChimp, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, Aweber
  7. Embed popup forms, fly-in forms, or sticky-button forms on your site
  8. Download form templates from our online form template gallery
  9. Export all your submissions to CSV, or spreadsheet format
  10. Send customized auto-responders to your users
  11. Get form analytics in your WordPress dashboard
  12. Comprehensive online documentation, and one-on-one support
  13. Support for one-click checkout, through Stripe
  14. Dozens of add-ons, like multi-page forms, user registration, form to post, etc …

Try out FormCraft Premium Form Builder


  • Your FormCraft form builder dashboard, in WordPress. Cool, huh?
  • Drag-and-drop form editor mode

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Why should I use FormCraft form builder over other form builders?

Our drag-and-drop form builder is fast and easy to use, and allows for extensive customization, without being too complex. But the best part is that forms made with our form builder look gorgeous, and are responsive on all devices. We use AJAX for submitting form data, which improves the user experience, and means no page refreshes.

Where is my data saved?

All the data is saved on your server.

Is there a limit on the number of forms, or submissions?

It’s your data, and your server. There is absolutely no limitation.

Can FormCraft slow down my page?

FormCraft is designed to be fast, and lightweight. If you have any concerns regarding performance, please use the support forum to reach us.

Can I get Email Notifications on Form Submissions?

Yes, you can sent email notifications, to multiple recipients.

Can I Accept Files through the Forms?

It is currently not possible to accept files using FormCraft Basic. For advanced features, like accepting files, please check out FormCraft Premium


Hi I love your form, but i am having an issue with the check boxes. When the form is submitted the checkboxes are left blank. example below. Do you exercise regularly? If Yes, how often and what type of exercise? this is a test from paul to see if the form is working correctly Do you feel your current diet is healthy? If No, what do you think or feel your current diet is lacking? this is a test from paul to see if the form is working correctly Do you have any digestive issues? If Yes, what kind and how often? this is a test from paul to see if the form is working correctly Do you have a bowel movement every day?
I use this plugin on my several sites, it works as it should, great plugin! I recommend.
Accessibility is critical these days for SEO as well as some locations require it. This plugin does not offer this kind of support. I also tried to hack the form with no luck. We switched to WPForms Lite which does have the support. Stay clear from this plugin.
I have used this plugin for years and years on over 15 different clients sites. Lately though, (past 5 months) been getting a lot of warnings and outright errors. I wrote to Nish, but the fixes have not happened. So I am removing the plugin. What used to be the best there is, has now diminished so I will not be renewing any further.
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Участники и разработчики

«FormCraft — Contact Form Builder for WordPress» — проект с открытым исходным кодом. В развитие плагина внесли свой вклад следующие участники:


Журнал изменений


  • Fixed issue with failed saving


  • PHP 7.3 compatible
  • WP compatibility
  • CSS updates


  • Fixed an issue where submissions weren’t visible in the modal


  • Fixed CSRF vulnerability


  • Fixed character encoding issue in From Name


  • Fixed character encoding issue
  • Fixed emails sent debugging issue


  • Updated form builder interface
  • CSS improvements
  • Altered upgrade prompts
  • New icons


  • Fixed links
  • Re-arranged position of Add Form


  • Fixed SQL injection bug


  • Fixed PHP warnings on plugin activate
  • Minor CSS updates
  • Fixed links


  • Fixed an issue which threw a PHP warning, and muddled up the form response


  • Fixed a javascript conflict issue


  • Fixed for an icon-conflict issue


  • Restricted certain backend actions based on user roles
  • Fixed a bug where field options were uneditable if the form width was too high
  • Changed the interface of dragging fields
  • You can now edit a field by simply clicking on it


  • Initial release