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FraudSentinel Bots & Fraud Detection


FraudSentinel Bots & Fraud Detection allows you to monitor your web traffic in real time. Using data made available to us by over 70 organisations, and in addition to the standard detection such as Proxies, VPN, and tor, we are able to detect malicious activities such as bots, dangerous connections, IPs that have been reported as abused, and much more…

Free Detection Pixel

We made the detection pixel Free to allow users to evaluate the risk level of their web site.
The results are available on the private dashboard section of FraudSentinel.com .

Get your free account at (https://www.fraudsentinel.com/register/request) .
You can also watch a 2 minute introduction video on our web site at (https://www.fraudsentinel.com) .

This plugin allows to easily connect websites to our tracking pixel.

After installation, the following script is added to the html headers of WordPress, with the plugin configured options:
var FSMonitor = new Image();
FSMonitor.src = «https://api.fraudsentinel.com/api/sentinel.png?api_token=»;

To make things easier, after the API key is added to the FraudSentinel plugin settings, we validate it by sending a request to «https://www.fraudsentinel.com/api/k.txt?api_token=» after which you should see the plugin status as «Connected».

Premium API

In addition to the free pixel, premium users can incorporate IP verification in their scripts using our REST-API.


If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@FraudSentinel.com .


  • Plugin Settings
  • Plugin Options



Visit Plugins > Add New.
Search for FraudSentinel
Install and activate the FraudSentinel plugin.


Download, unzip, and upload the FraudSentinel folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
From the Plugins section of WordPress, activate the FraudSentinel plugin.


Log in to the FraudSentinel.com website to get your API Key.
In WordPress admin section, go to the FraudSentinel plugin options, enter and save your API Key.


Don’t forget to rate our plugin.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Why is the FraudSentinel Bots & Fraud detection pixel free?

We want users to be able to monitor the bots and fraud level of their web site before using our API.

Can I use the REST-API?

Free users are limited to 5000 REST-API calls a month. Our team is committed to help you integrate our REST-API into your web application (within reason).

Where is your Privacy Policy

FraudSentinel Privacy Policy is available at the follow link (https://www.fraudsentinel.com/privacy) .


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