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Full Picture is a powerful, all-in-1 WordPress plugin that lets you connect your site to 11 tracking tools like Google Analytics, Microsoft Clarity, Hotjar, Facebook Pixel and more.

Full Picture also contains a Google Tag manager integration that lets you connect even more tools.

Each integration lets you collect not only basic data but also track clicks, form submissions, broken links, WordPress info and much, much more. All with a click.

Oh. And Full Picture also includes a cookie notice so that your site can remain compliant with cookie laws.

Available integrations:

  • Google Analytics Universal Analytics
  • Google Analytics 4
  • Google Tag Manager*
  • Microsoft Clarity
  • Google Optimize
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Plausible Analytics
  • Hotjar
  • Inspectlet
  • Crazy Egg
  • Splitbee

You should know that integrations with Microsoft Clarity, Hotjar, Inspectlet, Splitbee, Plausible and Crazy Egg are the most powerful integrations for these tools of ANY WordPress plugin!

And if that is not enough for you even more integrations are available in Full Pictue PRO

Tracking Features

Integrations available in Full Picture go far beyond the basics. Depending on the integration you will be able to:

  • track broken links
  • track how long visitors were actively engaged with the content
  • track adblock usage
  • track goals / conversions*
  • track form submissions
  • track file downloads
  • track clicks on affiliate links (works with all affiliate links & plugins)
  • track clicks on outbound links
  • track clicks on email and contact links
  • track clicks on buttons in the integrated cookie notice
  • track clicks on any other page elements — even those added dynamically
  • track users across domains (owned by you)
  • track when element become visible (popups, notifications, etc.)
  • track page scrolls
  • track when important page elements come into view
  • track anchor links
  • track URLs modified by AJAX
  • track page IDs
  • track page numbers
  • track author display names
  • track author IDs
  • track publish dates of posts and pages
  • track whether visitors are logged-in or logged-out
  • track roles or logged in users
  • track language of viewed pages
  • track visitor’s browser language
  • track categories, tags and custom taxonomies
  • track SEO titles and «clean» titles
  • track email addresses, roles and usernames of logged-in users
  • track display titles of posts and pages
  • recognize logged-in users across devices and browsers
  • track numbers of search results
  • track types of viewed pages
  • track UTM campaign parameters
  • tag heatmaps and screen recordings with tracked data (above)
  • associate non-logged-in users with certain attributes, like entered emails
  • track JavaScript errors (PRO)
  • track any information that visitors enter in forms (PRO)
  • track purchases (PRO)
  • track checkouts (PRO)
  • track additions to cart (PRO)
  • track product views (PRO)
  • track category views (PRO)
  • track additions to wishlists (PRO)
  • track leads and signups (PRO)
  • and more

*basic goal / conversion tracking is available in Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. More advanced conevrsion tracking is available in Full Picture PRO.

Cookie notice

Full Picture comes with a very flexible and feature-rich cookie notice. It complies with laws of countries with strict cookie regulations.

If you choose to show it on your site, you will be able to:

  • start tracking tools after visitors give their consent to cookies (required in some countries) or after page load (with an opt-out feature)
  • make exceptions for loading certain tracking tools
  • hide buttons and sections that you don’t need
  • modify and translate texts (WPML and Polylang compatible)
  • change colors of texts, buttons and background
  • show the notice only to users from countries with strict cookie regulations (PRO)

30+ Unique Features

If you try Full Picture you will never go back. It gives you a full suite of unique, powerful and sometimes amazingly essential features.

With Full Picture you can:

  • enable «Easy mode» for non-techies 🙂
  • easily disable tracking for you and your employees with a simple link (works even when you are not logged in!)
  • automatically update your privacy policy with an always-current list of integrations enabled in Full Picture
  • track ad blockers
  • track JavaScript errors (PRO)
  • track pages only when they are actually viewed (pages open in tabs won’t get tracked until someone actually looks at them)
  • track engagement time of your visitors to see who is really interested in your content
  • track clicks on dynamically added page elements
  • track when elements become visible, e.g. popups, notiifcations, ads, etc.
  • label pages by their purpose and track those labels via integrated tracking tools
  • choose when to load cookies (after visitor consent or page load) or on tool-by-tool basis
  • prevent tracking multi-clicks as separate clicks (only the first one is tracked)
  • prevent tracking accidental form submissions
  • prevent tracking scrolls if the visitor is quickly skimming the page
  • show original page titles in Google Analytics reports (as opposed to SEO titles that are tracked by default)
  • use Google Analytics UA and Google Analytics 4 at the same time
  • use up to 2 integrations of GA UA, 2 integrations of GA 4 and 2 integrations of Facebook Pixel at the same time (PRO)
  • avoid tracking issues when using multiple Google Analytics integrations
  • avoid sending GA events to GTM data_layer when both are enabled
  • delay page redirects after users click links (to give tracking scripts extra time to send data before the page redirects) (PRO)
  • blur page content before users agree to cookies (very useful when A/B testing landing pages)
  • make exceptions for certain parts of the page from being blurred
  • send to GTM what cookie notice buttons were clicked by users and the status of their cookie choices
  • track clicks in cookie notice buttons by tools that don’t get blocked by ad blockers (Plausible, Splitbee, Fathom)
  • track ad block usage by tools that don’t get blocked by ad blockers (Plausible, Splitbee, Fathom)
  • tag session recordings in Microsoft Clarity (not even Microsoft’s own WP plugin can do that)
  • tag session recordings in Hotjar (not even Hotjar’s own WP plugin can do that)
  • identify Hotjar users via their activity (not available in Hotjar’s own WP plugin)
  • tag session recordings in Inspectlet (not even Inspectlet’s own WP plugin can do that)
  • choose which version of the Inspectlet integration script to use
  • identify logged-in users in Inspectlet
  • load Google Optimize script via gtag (default) or optimize.js script (useful if you integrate Google Analytics via a different plugin)
  • (advanced) test data objects sent with any event tracker
  • (advanced) scrape the data from HTML of the page and send it to tracking platforms (PRO)
  • (advanced) track any e-commerce activity with a custom event (PRO)
  • plus, Full Picture doesn’t use jQuery which means no dependencies and faster script execution

And these are some feature that are not unique but are great to-haves:

  • redirect 404 pages to a custom page or any page you want
  • prevent tracking users of specific roles e.g. admins, editors, shop managers, etc.


  • List of available integrations
  • Tracking exclusions
  • Cookie notice - Basic setup
  • Privacy policy extras
  • Google Analytics - basic settings
  • Google Analytics - click tracking
  • Microsoft Clarity - tagging session recordings
  • Facebook Pixel - Element visibility tracking
  • Cookie notice - customisation screen

Часто задаваемые вопросы

What skills do I need if I want to use Full Picture?

Full Picture has 3 modes — Easy, Standard and Advanced. Use the one that is best for you.

Why should I use Full Picture instead of other plugins?

Plugins working separately are not able to achieve many things that Full Picture can do as an all-in-1 solution. Many of the 30+ unique features of FUll Picture wouldn’t exist without it.

Does Full Picture add a dashboard with stats to WP admin panel?

Not at the moment. In the future we may be releasing add-ons with dashboards for Plausible and Google Analytics.

Will Full Picture slow my website down?

If you use a single analytics plugin on your site and replace it with Full Picture, then you will see no speed difference.

If you use multiple analytics plugins then Full Picture will make your site run slightly faster. It is due to the fact that Full Picture collects all the information once and sends it to different platforms. Multiple plugins need to collect the same information multiple times thus they are a bit slower.

Why Full Picture doesn’t use jQuery

jQuery adds an overhead that slows down the execution of scripts. Speed is paramount in certain situations — especially when working with a large number of integrations and click trackers.

What support do you provide for the free version?

Until the plugin reaches 100+ active installations, the users of the Free version will be treated as paying user and will be getting support that includes:

  • Configuration help
  • Configuration recommendations
  • Quick reply to issues (mon-fri, from 10am-8pm CET)
  • Quicker bug fixes

What browsers does the Full Picture support?

Full Picture supports all popular modern browsers for PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones. Internet Explorer is supported only in version 11.


Tons of features, well documented, all major (and a few I've never heard of) analytics tools covered! What more could you ask for? 🙂
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Участники и разработчики

«All in One Analytics & Cookie Notice — Full Picture» — проект с открытым исходным кодом. В развитие плагина внесли свой вклад следующие участники:


Журнал изменений

1.7.0 (25-05-2021)

[Improved] Major UX redesign and tutorial new videos
[New] GTM now sends an event when the tab gets focus
[Fix] Plausible — fixed tracking file downloads
[Fix] GTM now always loads with the pageload, without wiating for cookie consent
[Fix] Tracking clicks in cookie notice buttons
[Improved] Opt-in to tracking usage statistics and config data
[Improved] More deactivation reasons in deactivation form

1.6.0 (24-04-2021)

[New] Added an option to label pages and later track those labels
[New] «Privacy & security» global settings
[New] Hotjar — added tagging screen recordings with the visibility of elements
[New] Inspectlet — added tagging screen recordings with the visibility of elements
[Fix] «New» label on «Cookie notice» tab now hides when intended
[Improved] Descriptions of sections and fields
[Improved] Inspectlet — stronger field sanitization
[Other] Limited questions in the plugin deactivation survey to the most important ones

1.5.3 (19.04-2021)

[Fix] Cookie notice — background got «blur out» after clicking cookie buttons even when blur was not set up
[Update] Language translation filess
[Tweak] Changed order of Google Analytics 4 & UA in tools section
[Tweak] Added «Feedback» link to top menu
[Tweak] Small UX changes

1.5.2 (17-04-2021)

[Copyright issue] Removal of Facebook logo from the banner and version bump

1.5.1 (15-04-2021)

[Check] WordPress 5.7.1 compatibility check
[Tweak] Small UX tweaks
[Tweak] Readme file and icons

1.5.0 (12-04-2021)

[New] Google Tag Manager integration
[New] Cookie notice — Alternative button layouts
[Improved] Anchor links are now targetted more accurately
[Improved] Mechanism loading footer scripts is now faster and doesn’t timeout
[Improved] Facebook Pixel — form tracking event now sends to Facebook location of the form
[Improved] Super tiny improvement to form targetting script
[Fix] Tracking file downloads
[Fix] Polyfills didn’t load in IE after prefix change from fp to fupi
[Fix] Cookie notice — Gradient overlay did not hide on Internet Explorer

1.4.0 (12-03-2021)

[New] You can now redirect 404 pages to any page you like
[New] Splitbee has «no-cookie» mode now
[New] Cookie notice — you can now blur content before user consent
[New] Plausible integration now lets you track file downloads
[Improvement] We made descriptions of settings fields even clearer
[Improvement] We tweaked UX to make using the plugin more straightforward
[Fix] Cookie notice settings — Link to privacy policy is now dynamically added to the main cookie description
[Fix] Google Analytics — page load performance metric — fixed event data object
[Fix] Cookie notice — highlighting a link made with now {{…}} works correctly
[Fix] URL parameters no longer show up in reports in the names of downloaded files
[Update] Plugin translation files

1.3.0 (08-03-2021)

[New] New setup wizards
[New] Easy mode for non-techies
[New] New WP admin notices which show only when necessary
[New] Plausible — added support of event properties
[New] Plausible — added new tracking features
[Fix] Crazy Egg — identifying users by ID now works correctly
[Fix] Corrected title and description of broken link tracking setting
[Fix] Google Analytics — page load performance metric — fixed event data object
[Fix] Splitbee — Fixed problem with not loading script for A/B tests
[Update] Resetting cookies is no longer possible via Magic URL — it can be done only via clicking the icon
[Update] Logo in admin is now an svg
[Update] Global Tracking Settings — default double-click time increased to 300ms
[Update] FP Settings — CSS selectors in repeater fields are now trimmed before saving in the database


[New] Tracking broken links
[New] Cookie Notice — you can now choose a color for switches
[New] Added a link to settings page in plugin’s entry on plugins list
[New] Added thumbs-up/down buttons for easier feedback and support
[Fix] Facebook Pixel — fixed JS error on scroll
[Update] Language files
[Change] Freemius opt-in is automatically skipped on 1st time plugin activation


[New] MS Clarity — tagging sessions with adblock use
[New] Added language files for translating the plugin
[Fix] GTM and FB Pixel — «Track scroll after time» is now respected
[Improved] UX — added «play» button to thumbs with tutorial videos
[Improved] Added extra descriptions in settings panel
[Improved] Fathom — Added repeater fields in settings
[Improved] MS Clarity — added sections with tagging settings
[Removed] Hotjar — removed tagging with referral — Hotjar also has this function


[Tweak] Large improvements in settings panel
[Tweak] Clearer descriptions of some options
[Fix] Occasional problems with repeater field not saving data properly


Initial release