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Photo Gallery - Image Gallery by Ape


Don't advertise that the filmstrip carousel is included in the free version...when it most definitely is not. Looking at other looks like you make a habit of misleading people. 🙁
This is not my first gallery plugin. I have gallery on every of my blog or blogs of my customers. Ape gallery have cool set of functions and very flexible design. Very simple gallery. Thanks!
For every single functions that they listed you have to pay. they advertised its mobile friendly but it is not you have to pay to unlock this feature and not only this feature nearly all the features they listed you need to pay to unlock & use.
This is really cool gallery with so simple and flexible structure. I had old version 10 months ago and I wish to say that current version give much more flexibility and less limits. New themes is really cool! Definitely you should give a try to this gallery.
Do not buy the premium version. The license installation does not work and the developer does not respond to support queries. Save your money.
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