Gelato Integration for WooCommerce


Turn your creativity into a profitable ecommerce business with the world’s largest network for on demand production of customized products.

Connect your WooCommerce store to Gelato in seconds to create and sell customized products to customers anywhere in the world. Our free design editor enables you to create unique designs and add them to 100+products, including clothing, wall art, mugs, cards, photo books, and much more.

Our network of more than 100 local production hubs around the world is now at your fingertips. Our growing number of partners make your custom products where and when you want them delivered while reducing waste, transportation distances, carbon emissions, and costs. While you focus on designing and selling your products, we produce and deliver them to your customers.

What you get with Gelato:

  • Faster delivery: Reach your customers faster by accessing your personal network of 100+ print hubs across the world.
  • 24/7 Customer support: We provide you personal service anywhere in the world at any time.
  • A more sustainable production: Your products are made locally and on-demand, as close as possible to where they are delivered — reducing both carbon emissions and waste.
  • Superior quality: Make a lasting impression on your customers with high quality and sustainably sourced materials from industry-leading brands.
  • Free design tools: Craft beautiful designs and mockups for your store with our free design editor and mockup generator.
  • Live shipping rates: Give multiple shipping options to your customers to improve your store’s conversion rate.
  • Set your profit margins: Easily set the prices you want and adjust your profit margins for both products and shipping.

How does it work?

When a customer buys a product in your WooCommerce store, the order is automatically transferred to Gelato, and we produce and deliver the product to them on your behalf.

Check out our YouTube channel and blog for more tips and inspiration for how to connect and grow your ecommerce store with Gelato.

About Gelato

Since 2007 we have grown our portfolio of products, services and partners to build a platform that empowers you to sell any custom product to customers anywhere in the world and do it in a way that is better for both people and the planet. The Gelato platform does that — and a little more. Tap into the world’s largest network of local production hubs to reach your customers faster, while reducing waste, costs and carbon emissions. Smarter, faster, greener.

Known Limitations

  1. Requires WooCommerce plugin 5.0.0 and up.


  • Plugin home page
  • Plugin status page
  • Gelato shipping page


Connecting Gelato with your WooCommerce store is easy:

  1. Download plugin and unzip if needed
  2. Upload ‘gelato’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  3. Activate the plugin
  4. Click Gelato in left menu
  5. Click Connect to Gelato button and follow the instructions
  6. Enable shipping rate calculation in WooCommerce->Settings->Shipping->Gelato Shipping tab


07.08.2023 1 ответ
I was surprised when I saw the overall bad rating for this plugin - I'm working with Gelato for about 2 years now - and I used their Woocommerce plugin from the start - so far I have been very satisfied with it!However, I'm not a huge e-commerce store - I only offer a few poster variations with custom designs, so I'm probably not able to give a thorough review for the plugin and every functionality there is. But I wanted to take the opportunity to express my personal satisfaction with Gelato and the plugin. I never had any major issues with both and so far it had just been "smooth sailing". :)If I encounter any bugs or issues (and that doesn't happen often), I usually mail Gelato support and they are always helpful. The same is true for any issues with the products (e.g. damages/printing issues) - in my case posters. There are probably less then 5% complaints from customers (most of them aren't even Gelato's fault, like damaged on transport) and Gelato usually sends a replacement right away, once I report the damage/quality issue.I rely on reviews a lot myself, so: if anyone is reading this and is on the fence: just give them a try! 🙂
20.04.2023 1 ответ
I tried Gelato despite the poor reviews, and I am very pleased. It integrated seamlessly and is very easy to use. They could do with adding some more products, as competitors so have a bigger selection, however I will stay with them based on my experience.
31.08.2022 1 ответ
Plugin seems to be neglected by developers. My orders haven't been synced at all. Even after 24h waiting. I'm not even getting started with feature requests here. Just make it work flawlessly firs :/
05.08.2022 1 ответ
Overall this plugin works well with my website. There's some superficial issues and some QOL things that should be updated but, not worth a 1* rating for just those. QOL improvements: pricing page (on their websites side) has no option to set all your prices at once, only to apply the same profit margin for all shirts. XL, XXL and XXXL shirts cost extra, so if you apply the same profit margins you end up with uneven ugly prices. Pricing page (on their websites side) has a really bad memory leak, each consecutive visit (without a hard ctrl+f5 refresh in between) will slow down the pricing page more and more. Eventually you will have to wait as long as 15 seconds per price. Due to the way their variations are set up, it's even worse because of the gross amount of fields you have to enter due to the amount of variations. Variations get set up as individual variations within your WooCommerce store, which is bad for various reasons, First of all that your product image doesnt get switched to the correct variation upon color selection but, the visitor has to select BOTH color AND size for it to switch image. Another issue with this is that it slows down your site, as it uploads multiple of the same images for each variation (eventhough they would be the same image for ALL sizes as long as they are of the same color). The way it's currently set up: Red - S, Red - M, Red - L, Red - XL, Red - XXL Blue - S, Blue - M, Blue- L, Blue - XL, Blue - XXL While it should be: Red - S, M, L, XL, XXL Blue - S, M, L, XL, XXL Shipment tracking is a really nice addition to have. The only issue is that they don't communicate the track n trace code until they have sent the product, which generally takes 2 days. Why is this an issue? Well, the Track and trace code is already available mere minutes after the order has been approved. There is no reason for them to delay this communication to the client. This is because it doesn't get triggered until the status "order complete" Which in turn only gets triggered as soon as the status in your Gelato dashboard jumps to "Shipped". What should happen is that sending the track and trace gets triggered upon a change in it's specified field (a change to the Track and trace code field). Superficial issues Print quality can vary heavily. Some of their most expensive "Organic" products have the shittest print quality due to their materials and texture. The image on the 30-40ish euro Organic hoodie has completely dissapeared after 3 washes and 4 weeks of time. The 9euro non-organic 100% cotton shirts still have their prints with no signs of wear after 4 months of regular wear and the resulting amounts of washes. Test everything you want to sell thoroughly yourself before offering them up if you don't want to suffer reputation/monetary damage.
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  • Improvements for Live shipping rates


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