Этот плагин не тестировался с последними 3 основными выпусками WordPress. Скорее всего, он уже не поддерживается и может быть несовместим с текущими версиями WordPress.



GeoDigs is the perfect local solution to connecting with clients and helping them to discover their dream home. Use multiple features that will deliver the ideal website to your clients.


The IDX provided by REcolorado will give your clients the ability to search properties under Active, Under Contract, Sold listings, and much more. REcolorado uses RETS (Real Estate Transactions) to effectively facilitate data transfer and ensure that all content is current and complete.


IRES (Information and Real Estate Services) MLS IDX is the regional Multiple Listing Service for Northern Colorado. Using bundled services and combined search results, IRES releases property listings to your clients that will update every 15 minutes.


Share important documents securely through the built-in Document Store.

Listing Alerts

Listing alerts help your clients stay up-to-date with new property listings. User can set search parameters to narrow down property listings, and when new listings meet their set criteria, alerts will be sent in the form of an email including your logo and website elements that will boost your credibility.

Home Searches

Access to a variety of search tools will help your clients narrow down their search through REcolorado and IRES MLS IDX . This can include setting additional search parameters such as county, zipcode, keywords, and maps.

Featured Listings

Easily managed featured listings allow you to either select properties to appear on any part of your page, or set a specific amount of listings to show daily, with new properties being shown every day.


Compatible with all currently existing IDX themes.

And much more!


  • GeoDigs gives you access to a multitude of tools to help manage your clients and your site
  • Easily customize your site
  • Hand pick your featured listings or let GeoDigs do it for you
  • Stay in touch with your clients
  • Quickly send us a request to setup a custom domain for any of your listings



  1. Upload geodigs to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Активируйте плагин используя меню ‘Плагины’ в WordPress
  3. Enter your GeoDigs Agent ID and GeoDigs Agent Code

Коды для использования на сайте

  • [gd_advanced_search] — Displays an advanced search form
  • [gd_custom_search id=""] — Displays the results of a custom search (configured in admin area)
  • [gd_mortgage_calculator] — Displays a mortgage calculator
  • [gd_our_listings] — Displays Our Listings (configured in admin area)
  • [gd_quick_search] — Displays a Quick Search form

How to edit templates

  1. Navigate from the WordPress install directory to /wp-content/plugins/geodigs/templates/
  2. Choose the template you would like to edit
  3. Copy the file and place it into /geodigs/templates/ following the same folder structure as in the plugin templates folder
  4. Edit and save!

Ex: the listings detail page
— Copy /wp-content/plugins/geodigs/templates/listings/details.php to /geodigs/templates/listings/details.php

Часто задаваемые вопросы

How do I get a GeoDigs Account?

Contact us at http://www.geodigs.com and we can get you started!

What kind of templates are available for my website?

With GeoDigs, you’ll have the option to choose between having a WordPress Plugin or a custom designed site. With a WordPress based service, you’ll have hundreds of different templates to choose from and easy-to-use, streamlined design. Our custom designed sites will be designed to your specifications, and created from your choice of font, image, and color palettes.

How can I get help if I run into any problems with GeoDigs?

As a local support from the Boulder/Erie area, you’ll receive personalized, direct help from the New Media One team at all times. We will recognize you by name, and take the time needed to answer any questions you might have. Call us at (303) 997-320, or visit our main page at http://www.geodigs.com.

What services are included with GeoDigs?

GeoDigs uses REcolorado and IRES IDX/MLS that are integrated to provide combined search results that will update every 15 minutes.


I’ve been working with GeoDigs on client websites for a few years now and I can say that it is hands down the best IDX solution for any Colorado-based real estate website available. Peter and Jamie are a phenomenal support team and respond quickly to any questions or needs that I have had. The price is MUCH better than what you pay for the inferior product that is offered by the local competition. Not only that, but the dynamically created URLs produced by this plugin output Open Graph tags and proper SEO. There is positively no reason to use any other plugin for your IDX if you are a real estate agent or agency in Colorado.
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Участники и разработчики

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Журнал изменений


  • Adds ability to add custom CSS to GeoDigs pages. This can be found on the Scripts and Styles settings page.
  • Adds ability to configure GeoDigs URLs.
  • Fixes issue with resetting passwords for mulit-site users.
  • Fixes issue with emails not sending properly (signup confirmation and document added emails specifically).
  • Includes code refactoring and other minor tweaks.


  • Fixes issue with user session information not being stored/retrieved correctly.
  • Fixes an issue where the Screen Options and Help dropdowns in the admin area wouldn’t behave correctly.


  • Fixes issue with Custom Searches not saving properly.
  • Fixes issue where multiple Custom Searches couldn’t be deleted at once.


  • Adds Open Graph tags for listing detail pages.
  • For Developers: Adds more classes to elements for easy styling and customization.


  • Fixes issue where after making an edit to a custom search and then paging through the Custom Searches table it would return to the previous search and attempt to save it resulting in an error.


  • Adds «Save» buttons to each section of the Custom Searches form.


  • Fixes PHP error in the default listing details template.


  • Fixes issue where the necessary JavaScript files weren’t being enqueued with the Quick Search and Mortgage Calculator widgets.


  • Fixes issue where listing result pagination was not showing up by default
  • Adds Royal Slider slideshow to details pages
  • Fixes issue where GeoDigs IDX data overflowed into other components that used the WP_Query object
  • Deprecates old slider
  • Enqueues GeoDigs main style sheets last


  • Changes the way dequeueing scripts and styles works (now dequeues and deregisters).
  • Adds source files for new slider (not yet implemented).
  • Fixes issue where toggling «Additional Search Fields» in the Custom Search editor would not save.
  • Removes Featured Listings widget and replaces with Custom Search widget
  • Fixes issue where changing the sort order on a Custom Search results page didn’t work
  • Fixes issue where blog posts showed on Details pages


  • Adds toggle to fill Custom Search results with other listings (defaults to off)
  • Fixes the issue where PHP notices and warnings were showing in the admin area


  • Refactors shortcodes and admin area
  • Adds shortcode gd_custom_search
  • Featured Groups changes to Custom Searches
  • Adds template grid to replace columns-2
  • Deprecates shortcodes gd_featured and gd_listings
  • Deprecates template columns-2
  • Bug fixes
  • For Developers: Adds new way to format listing detail groups. Call gd_create_table_str( $array, $col = 2, $separate_cells = false ) with $separate_cells = true to split the key value pairs into separate cells


  • Source images are now remote instead of local
  • gd_listings shortcode now uses url instead of fields as its attribute


  • Fixed conflict with dynamic pages generated outside GeoDigs
  • Featured Listing template now shows «Add favorite» button while not logged in and redirects to the login page on click


  • Can now add custom templates to a child theme instead of the site root
  • Deprecated /geodigs/templates/ directory


  • Fixed issues with the Document Store that caused it to not delete files properly
  • Removed file size limit on files in the Document Store
  • Fixed issue where calendars would not display properly
  • Fixed issue with PHP < 5.4


  • Fixed issue with toggling the Login menu item/s display
  • Fixed issue with mortgage calculator behaving oddly when adjusting interest rate


  • Moved source information from core files to templates
  • Fixed bug with the mortgage calculator not prefilling with older templates


  • Mortgage calculator now prefills with listing’s price and annual tax values
  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • Added ability to create users from Admin area


  • Bug fixes


  • Added search by Master Bedroom Level for REColorado IDX


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • Refactored code
  • Replaced Featured Listings with Featured Groups
  • Now able to add multiple people to Listing Alerts
  • Bug fixes and code improvements


  • Added native version of Bootstrap (can be disabled)
  • Updated Agent Login page
  • Added a settings icon
  • Bug fixes and refactoring


  • Bug fixes


  • Added request custom domain feature
  • Bug fixes


  • Fixed bug with Quick Search autocomplete


  • Quick Search autocomplete now auto-selects the first option
  • Added a “Save Search as Listing Alert” button to listing results page
  • Misc. style changes


  • Changed the way “More Info” requests are made


  • Added alerts to Account Settings page
  • Added Account Settings template
  • Fixed «Favorite» button on listing details page


  • Updates to Admin area
  • New templates


  • Первый релиз