Child Pages Block


Generates a Gutenberg Block which displays the subpages list of selected parent page.


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  • Child Pages List


Steps to follow.
1. Click on \»Add New\» button in \»Plugins\» menu.
2. Search for \»Gutenberg Block Get Subpages List\» plugin.
3. Click on the \»Install\» button & then after \»Active\».
4. You\’re ready to use plugin.


Very simple plugin, needs some upgrades but it runs very well
Simple plugin that works. I can recommend. Thanks for keeping it free.
I needed a simple way to build a list of child pages without coding or reworking with each addition. There are a lot of feature rich Gutenberg block plugins that extend the functionality which make editing WordPress content a breeze! But I couldn't find one that created a list of child pages that could be easily used. This plugin did the trick 😀
Just what you need. Works just fine. Super simple!
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