Gift upon purchase for WooCommerce


Этот плагин поможет создать подарок при покупке для WooCommerce. Для работы требуется Woocommerce!


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В этом разделе описывается, как установить плагин и заставить его работать.

  1. Загрузите папку gift-upon-purchase-for-woocommerce в папку /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Активируйте плагин на странице ‘Плагины’ WordPress

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Как создать подарок при покупке для WooCommerce?

  1. Откройте товар, за покупку которого вы дадите подарок.
  2. Откройте вкладку ‘Добавить подарок’
  3. В поле ‘Поиск товаров’ выберите товары, которые покупатель получит в подарок.

Какие плагины интернет-магазинов поддерживает Ваш плагин?

Только Woocommerce (v3.2.0 или выше).


Which was exactly what I needed. This adds a block to the product editor where you can select what gift gets added to the cart when that product is selected. It's a simple, lightweight plugin and works exactly as advertised. You can also enable general settings so certain days, times, or above a certain amount of money spent gets gifts added to the cart. If they ever decide to add any features in the future, it might be cool to also make it be able to add gifts to the cart depending on certain coupon codes used. I would also really have liked it if when the gift is added to the cart, there is an option that shows the original price of the gift, with a strike-through demonstrating that it is now free. For example, I have a downloadable gift that's worth $700 dollars. I'm giving it away free to certain customers, and I'd love it if there were a strike-through so when it's added to the cart, they can see that the free gift they got is originally worth $700 but now "crossed out" down to zero. Again, that's only if they decide to add options. It works perfectly as is.
Funciona muy bien, cumple con lo que dice y no tiene ventanas emergentes molestas. Le doy un 10, porque es justo lo que buscaba. Un plugin simple y funcional, con el que poder ofrecer regalos de forma rápida y sin tener que leer tutoriales para hacerlo funcionar.
29.04.2020 1 ответ
This plugin does exactly what it's supposed to. I can specify a single or multiple gift skus for each product on my site. The free sku is added to the cart automatically, no annoying pop ups. If the paid sku is removed from the cart - the gift sku remains, but is charged full price. Product page and Cart page look great - customer knows exactly what they're getting. When I first installed the plugin there was a small problem with variable products, but the plugin author addressed the issue very quickly and now it works perfectly. In the past I used a different plugin, but it never worked as smoothly as I would have liked. This is a simpler and much nicer option. I highly recommend this plugin.
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