This plugin integrates Slack and WordPress.

Core Conception

By default, this plugin does nothing. It’s true.
Slack has many API intergrations, but hameslack uses 2 of them.

Upper is easier. This plugin helps the connection between Slack and WordPress and you can concentrate on what you should do with slack.

Use Cases

Here is a list of use case of us on WordPress with many editors.

  • Easy Post notification to slack if some post is awaiting review.
  • Bit Difficult Post accesss summary to slack once a week, because my collegue doesn’t open Google Analytics.
  • Very Difficult Convert slack conversation to single post and make interview post.

For more details, please read our Documentation. We have some samples.

How to Integrate

The simplest usage is post to slack. You can do like below:

do_action( 'hameslack', $text_to_post, $attachments, $channel );

Function is also available, but I prefer to use do_action to avoid annoying if ( function_exists('func_name')).

Everything works fine if you set properly.

Deprecated API

  • Sending Invitation deprecated at 2.0: this endpoint was unofficial and official one is only for Enterprise grid. Users now can send invitation reqeust from their profile page.
  • Outgoind Webhook deprecated at 2.0: Slack recommends Events API instead.


From Plugin Repository

Click install and activate it.

From Github

Download and you can use it. Any pull requests are welcomed.

Enter API Key

At least, you need Slack Payload URL for Incoming Webhooks. For more details, go to our support site.

Do something

As mentioned avobe, this plugin does nothing by default. Please read our Documentation.

If you have any request, please make issue on github.


  • You can create such kind of bot.
  • You can set up everything on setting screen.
  • You can create Outgoing Webhooks as custom post type.


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Участники и разработчики

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Журнал изменений


  • Remove invitation feature and users now can simple send message to specific channel to request invitation.
  • Bot is required.


  • If gianism is enabled, you can log in with Slack account.


  • Bugfix on REST API.


  • Add invitation request feature.


  • Add auto deploy.


  • First release.