Haxcan is one click, fastest and most lightweight malware scanner which allows you scanning for all themes (active and installed ones) or all plugins scan (active and installed) with one click.

Usage is simplest possible, install then activate and click \’Scan.


  • Full themes & plugins scan
  • Lightweight and fastest scanner
  • PSR4 Autoload
  • Compatible with all plugins including security plugins
  • Haxcan is backend only and don\’t affect frontend performances in any way
  • Quarantine
  • No settings needed, activate and click Scan

(https://haxcan.com \»WordPress Scanner\»)


  • WordPress Malware Scanner


  1. Upload \»haxcan\» to the \»/wp-content/plugins/\» directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the \»Plugins\» menu in WordPress.
  3. Click \’Haxcan\’ on left side of dashboard and click \’Scan\’

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Can Haxcan slowdown my website?

No, Haxcan is backend only plugin and don\’t affect frontend performances

Haxcan found malware in my theme/plugin

Click \’Quarantine\’ icon or choose it in menu and then you will see list of files which are possibly infected. You can click file and see its sourcecode in popup to determine if its false flag. In future versions we plan to allow you to edit files right in popup.

Can\’t see source file in \’Quarantine\’ page

Inside of popup click \’Font Size\’ and choose 10


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