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A very useful plugin. Covers all placements positions properly Header first/last, Footer first/last.
Using the header and footer scripts inserter was a breeze! When I ran into a problem, they were quick to respond and offered help. Every one of us runs into problems from time to time and we ask for customer support in hopes they help. They did. Was happy to leave a donation for the help. I tend to appreciate good customer service. Love it, love it, love it. Thanks for for the awesome plugin Space-X!
I run 30 different websites and use a variety of plug-ins on each one. This plug-in here is one I use on EVERY site and it works absolutely perfectly. Whether I need to put code in for tracking, for ads, or for anything else, the code executes flawlessly. I tried various other plug-ins before this one. They would inevitably crash on item X or Y. This is the only one that works no matter what I throw at it. Well recommended.
29.04.2018 1 ответ
This plugin completely breaks Elementor, and you can't edit with the Elementor builder. A couple updates ago though, this plugin did work perfectly fine.
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