Heroic Glossary — Block for building Glossaries, Dictionaries and more


WordPress Glossary Builder Plugin

We understand that creating a comprehensive and user-friendly glossary should be straightforward and hassle-free. That’s why we developed Heroic Glossary, a dynamic drag & drop WordPress Glossary Builder that’s both SIMPLE and POWERFUL.

Heroic Glossary enables you to craft engaging glossaries, dictionaries, encyclopedias, or lexicons for your website in a matter of minutes, not hours!

At HeroThemes, we prioritize user experience. Our pre-designed glossary templates and intuitive workflow make Heroic Glossary the most user-friendly glossary plugin on the market.

What is a Glossary?

Глоссарий поможет вашей аудитории понять технические термины, акронимы и сокращения, с которыми они могут быть не знакомы. Он будет полезен, если вы пишете технические статьи или документы, используя термины, которые могут быть непонятны вашей аудитории.

Heroic Glossary is a Gutenberg Block which means you can build your glossary right in the editor with a few clicks, it includes the following functionality and features:

  • Instant search of the glossary
  • Alphabetical navigation
  • Create an unlimited number of glossaries
  • Повторно используйте глоссарии на нескольких страницах с «многоразовыми блоками»

The Heroic Glossary Block includes a number of configurable settings and predefined styles to customize the display of your glossary.

WordPress Glossary Plugin Use-Cases

  • Dictionary – Develops a dictionary with specialized terms utilized on your website.
  • Encyclopedia – Constructs a comprehensive compendium for your site.
  • Synonyms – Maintains and presents alternative words for the terms you employ.
  • Lexicon – Establishes a repository of specific terms.
  • Terminology – Compiles a collection of unique terms and phrases.
  • Definitions – Provides clarifications for words used in your articles or web pages.
  • Language Translations – Converts terms and their meanings into a chosen language.

What’s Next

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  • The Heroic Glossary Block adds a Glossary section to your content
  • Add the Heroic Glossary block using the + symbol and selecting it from the editor
  • Add glossary terms with the + button, set the definitions and descriptions
  • Glossary terms can be edited easily by hovering over the glossary item and clicking edit
  • The block options can be controlled from the inspector panel


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  • Heroic Glossary — Block for building Glossaries, Dictionaries and more



  1. Visit the plugins page within your dashboard and select «Add New»
  2. Search for «Heroic Glossary»;
  3. Activate Heroic Glossary from your «Plugins» page;
  4. Go to «after activation» below.


  1. Upload the unzipped «heroic-glossary» folder to your websites /wp-content/plugins/ directory;
  2. Activate the Heroic Glossary plugin through the «Plugins» page in WordPress;
  3. Go to «after activation» below.


You can now create a glossary by adding the Heroic Glossary block to your content using the + button in the WordPress block editor.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Who should use Heroic Glossary?

Heroic Glossary is for any WordPress site where you want to add a glossary of terms to a post or page, which may need to be filtered and searched.

Will Heroic Glossary work with my theme?

Heroic Glossary is designed to work with any WordPress theme.

Is Heroic Glossary translation ready?

Yes, Heroic Glossary has full translation and localization support.

Do I need to use the block editor (Gutenberg) with Heroic Glossary?

Yes, Heroic Glossary was designed from the ground up to take advantage of the powerful and versatile WordPress block editor. Unfortunately It will not work with the classic editor.

Feel free to contact us directly via herothemes.com/contact/ for any questions.

How do I get support?

If you have trouble with the Heroic Glossary WordPress plugin, you can get help on the support forums here at wordpress.org or by checking out our knowledge base.

Do you have a demo of the Heroic Glossary?

Да, вы можете увидеть глоссарий в действии на странице Heroic Glossary Demo.

How can I import sample glossary content?

When you add the Heroic Glossary block, select the block and then click the ⋮ symbol in the block menu and select the Import sample content option from the dropdown. Note this will delete any existing block content.


Easy to use, providing several functions other glossary plugins don’t: searchable, styling capabilities (Gutenberg), all the information is displayed on a single page, visually attractive. Ideal for a medical dictionary.
I was excited to try this plug-in but I couldn’t use it, literally. I looked for the post-type on the admin bar but did not see it. Upon seeing reviews, you have to use Gutenberg blocks. I don’t like blocks. I am sticking with the classic editor. I thought I’d save some time from making a custom post type, but I might have to make one in the end to fulfil my dictionary-ish needs.
.. without Gutenberg :/ Plz change ‘Heroic’ to ‘Gutenberg’
It works very well, and it’s quite easy to populate but only if you are using the classic editor to create pages or posts. My main issue is with Elementor. You have to copy the HTLM from a classic editor page into a short-code block within Elementor for it to work, meaning you can have to edit it first into a page or an article in the classic WP editor, and each time you want to add a definition, you have to edit the classic editor version, then copy past again the code in Elementor. Not a huge deal but it’s fairly inneficient.
Had to uninstall this plugin since you MUST have the new block editor for it to work. Any of the 5 million+ people using Classic Editor can’t use this plugin apparently. I’m sorry but how do you make a plugin that totally disregards 5 million+ people who don’t want to upgrade to the ugly clunky non-intuitive Gutenberg editor unless it’s some ploy to nudge people to upgrade? Lol. I’ve never seen any plugin make something Gutenberg-exclusive smh… I’d say it’s likely that that’s why this plugin only has 3000 installations as of now even though there’s not many good competitors for a glossary plugin. Damn shame ’cause I really wanted to use this plugin.
Finally a glossary plugin that works as expected, I need it for a dictionary. Hope they create a import function. Then it is perfect!!
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