Imitate Email


Imitate Email is a sandbox email server for making viewing, building and testing email functionality easy, without leaving WordPress.

It provides a sanbox email server (supporting SMTP/IMAP/POP3) alongside tools for checking your email content, validating syntax and enabling integration testing.

The WordPress plugin:

  • sets up your WordPress SMTP settings to send emails to your free Imitate Email mailbox; and
  • embeds the Imitate Email viewer inside your WordPress admin section so that you can see all emails as you’re developing.

This stops you accidentally spamming real people and keeps you inside WordPress, not some 3rd party tool.

For more details, see


Setting up Imitate Email for WordPress is simple:

  1. Install and active the plug in through WordPress.
  2. Follow the instructions under «Settings» -> «Imitate Email» in the admin section


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