Plugin adds usage of online payments via imoje payment gateway to WooCommerce.

Additional info about imoje can be found here.

Technical documentation is available here:

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Technical Support:
+48 32 319 35 70


The module requires configuration in the imoje administration panel.
Go to and log into the administration panel. Go to the stores tab and enter the notification address in the appropriate field and copy the configuration keys.

Copy the keys into the fields in plugin configuration.

Select the currency activated in the imoje service.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

After choosing BLIK payment, the payer gets redirected to main shop site. How can I fix it?

This situation usually occurs due to entering an incorrect authorization token in the BLIK payment settings.

You can find the token in the imoje panel settings > tab \»API keys\» > after clicking on the existing key \»Details\» > field \»Authorization token\».


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