Insert or Embed Articulate Content into WordPress


Quickly insert Articulate, Captivate, iSpring, Lectora, and more e-Learning content into a post or page. Also compatible with Articulate Storyline, Articulate Rise, Adobe Captivate, Lectora, Camtasia, iSpring, Elucidat, Gomo, Obisidian Black, MindManager, or any other tool.

This plugin will add a new toolbar icon (the letter ‘a’) next to the ‘Add Media’ button on the Edit Post and Edit Page pages. Upon clicking this icon, you will have the ability to upload your published Articulate, Captivate, Lectora, Camtasia, iSpring, Elucidat, Gomo, Obisidian Black, MindManager, or any other tool’s content as a ZIP file. Once uploaded, the plugin will automatically extract the content, find the appropriate .html file, and add code to your post or page that will display your Articulate content as an iframe. Responsive IFrames, Lightbox, and other options like opening the content in a new window are included in the premium version.

If you’re using WordPress’s built-in Gutenberg editor, you’ll see a new e-learning block.

Insert or Embed Articulate Content into WordPress Premium

Upgrade to the Premium Plugin

Premium is a significant upgrade to Trial that adds many tools including the ability to load content in a lightbox or new window, responsive iFrames, fullscreen support, faster upload speeds, 13 themes to make your content look professional, custom launch buttons, disabling scrollbars, custom sizing, responsive IFrames, and much more including support for Captivate, Lectora, Camtasia, iSpring, Elucidat, Gomo, Obisidian Black, MindManager, or any other tool’s content. You can learn more about Premium here:

About | Features | Pricing | Download Premium Trial | Roadmap

Insert or Embed Articulate Content into WordPress Trial

Works with all Articulate products including:


Storyline 1, 2, 3, and 360

Studio ’09 (Presenter, Engage and Quizmaker)

Studio ’13 (Presenter, Engage and Quizmaker)

Studio 360 (Presenter, Engage and Quizmaker)

Both this plugin and the Premium plugin supports Articulate products and also these products:

Captivate, Lectora, Camtasia, iSpring, Elucidat, Gomo, Obisidian Black, MindManager, or many others!

Premium Support
We provide limited support for this plugin on the forums. One on one email support is available to people who bought the Premium plugin only.

How to Use

Check out the screencast in the link below to learn how to use this plugin:


  • Works with every tool including Captivate, iSpring, Camtasia, Lectora, Articulate, Gomo, Eludicat, Adapt, Shift, and many more!
  • How it works
  • How to upload Adobe Captivate
  • How to upload Articulate Rise
  • How to upload Lectora Online
  • Works with Rise, Storyline 360, Storyline 3, Storyline 2, Storyline 1, Articulate Presenter, Engage, Quizmaker & more!
  • Upload
  • Lightbox Settings


Этот плагин предоставляет 1 блок.

  • e-Learning


  1. Upload the ‘insert-or-embed-articulate-into-wordpress’ folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Активируйте плагин используя меню ‘Плагины’ в WordPress

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Can I try the Premium version?

Yes, you can download it here: — It contains many features that we encourage you to test drive. It also has compatibility with the latest themes and other plugins on the market.

How do I removed the «Powered by» branding

Upgrade to the premium plugin

Can I see my users answers and their scores?

This feature is only available in the premium plugin with our new xAPI support. For more information, see:

How do I use this in the Gutenberg editor?

Look for the new e-Learning block

How do I use this to embed Articulate content?

Check out this screencast:

Does this work well with Articulate’s new responsive and Modern Player in 360?

Yes! We do recommend disabling the scrollbar in the scrollbar options if choosing to launch your course in a lightbox. This option is found when uploading your course with this plugin after selecting the lightbox option.

Does this plugin support Responsive IFrames?

This feature is only available in the Premium version of the plugin. For more information, go to

Does this work well work with Rise?


Does this work with Articulate Storyline content?

Yes, it works with all versions of Articulate Storyline including Storyline 360.

What settings should I use when publishing from Storyline or Studio to avoid scrollbars?

In Player Properties, set the player to «Scale player to fill browser window.» For more information, see:

Does this work with Adobe Captivate content?

Yes, it works with all versions of Adobe Captivate. Here’s a step by step guide:

Does this work with iSpring content?

Yes, it works with all versions of iSpring.

What other tools does this plugin support?

Lectora, Camtasia, iSpring, Elucidat, Gomo, Obisidian Black, MindManager, or any other tool

Can I use this with custom content?

Yes, just make sure your .zip file contains a .html or .htm file and it’ll upload and embed on your WordPress site as expected.

If I delete the plugin, what happens to the content that I’ve uploaded?

The uploaded content is saved into the wp-content / uploads / articulate_uploads folder on your site. Thus, your uploaded content will not be removed if you delete this plugin.

What additional features are available in the premium plugin?

Run reports to see user scores and answers with our new xAPI support for Storyline and Rise content, Ability to lightbox content with themes (as shown in the screencast), open the content in a new window using custom buttons or custom text links, ability to disable scrollbars, faster upload speeds, and much more. It also uses a different mechanism to upload content to workaround limits on your hosting server.

I don’t see the ‘a’ button in the Classic Editor or I’m having problems uploading content in the Gutenberg editor. What do I do?

To use the plugin, you must have the capability in WordPress to ‘upload files’. Contact your administrator to update your user role or capabilities in WordPress.

I’m seeing an HTTP 200 error when uploading my zip file. How do I fix that?

This appears to be a pretty common issue with WordPress uploads. Here are a few forum discussions:

Many customers have solved the problem by installing this WordPress plugin:

For details on exactly what this plugin does, see:

Here’s another potential solution to fix the issue from the server-side:


Normally when we use a plugin, we have any scary that it not function properly. With this plugin that's not ocurr. Is excelente and secure.
It works great! easy to add contents in my LMS! Specially for course content from third software that I use! Thanks for this plugin!
Excellent plugin for embedding Articulate files and easy to use. Had issue with initial (pro) install, contacted the technical support team, and issue was rectified by them in short order; the developer was pleasant and very easy to work with. Highly recommend the product.
I'm really happy with the simplicity of this plugin and how well it does the job. I wanted to add Rise docs to my LearnDash LMS and its just easy to do with this plugin.
Went with the premium edition but limited API functionality to capture completion records forced us to go in a different direction. The lack of targeted API support can be forgiven but the slow responses from the developer to our questions is a different matter. The response time alone for a premium license gave us serious questions about continuing to utilize it, and that was before we found out the plugin didn't meet our needs.
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Журнал изменений


Upgrades the Freemius SDK to fix a vulnerability.


Fixed fatal error that occurs in PHP 8.


Misc. fixes


Added compatibility for WordPress 5.9


Removed the «Powered by» link for all content. Please consider upgrading to the premium version of the plugin for xAPI support, tracking, reporting, statement viewer, launch content in full screen & much more! See for more information.


Misc. fixes and updates around xAPI support in the premium plugin.


Added compatibility for WordPress 5.8


Improved how some scripts and styles are loaded to increase performance when uploading and inserting content.


Added a new support bot to the How to Use page that can be accessed from the Plugins page.


Added a new How to Use page that can be accessed from the Plugins page. Added lots of under the hood fixes.


Fixes issue where the WordPress file system has not been declared. Resolves random upload failures.


Fixes compatibility with Buddyboss Platform


Fixed compatibility issues specific to WordPress 5.6


Upgrade the Freemius SDK to version 2.4.1


Fix notice errors that display when debugging is turned on


Lots of code cleanup and misc. fixes


Misc. fixes


Added support for WordPress 5.5


Misc. fixes


Misc. fixes


Misc. fixes


Updated the Gutenberg editor uploader to no longer use the WordPress REST API


Misc. security fixes


Updated help documentation and other misc. fixes


Fixed issue in WordPress 5.4 where the e-Learning block upload buttons weren’t properly formatted and other misc. fixes.


Fixed another issue where clicking outside of the modal in the Gutenberg editor would stop the upload.


Updated error message when if FS_METHOD isn’t set to direct


Fixed issue where clicking outside of the modal in the Gutenberg editor would stop the upload.


Fixed another issue with Divi Builder where the content wouldn’t insert properly in Divi’s front end builder


Fixed translations


Fixed conflict with Divi Builder


Fixed issue where uploads wouldn’t complete in local dev environments like WAMP

Improved error messaging in several places

Improved jquery calls

Fixed various incompatibilties with other plugins like WooCommerce in the Gutenberg editor

Fixed compatibility with the Avia Builder


Added better support for SCORM and AICC files.

Added better messaging when a file upload is complete.

Added better support for really large files.

Lots of additional changes behind the scenes.


Renamed a function to prevent a compatibility issue with a plugin called PWS Core


Fixed a security vulnerability that enabled a user with Subscriber capabilities to delete or rename content remotely. Upgraded Freemius SDK to the latest version.


Fixed a security vulnerability that enabled a user outside of your WordPress installation (via curl or other methods) to remotely upload files. Please upgrade immediately.


Prevents PHP files from being uploaded and prevents them from running if they’re already there.


Fixes security vulnerability in the Freemius SDK. Please upgrade immediately.

Fixes issue with content not displaying if the server is running Apache 2.4.

Here’s what you missed in the latest Premium plugin updates (use code 42997 to get 20% off today only):

Adds custom button functionality to «open in same window» & «open in new window.»

Substantially improved the UI for custom buttons and fixed several bugs around them.


Fixes security vulnerability in tar module. Please upgrade immediately.


Added support for Pantheon servers

Added support for Fusion Builder

Added compatibility with the Vivaldi browser

Lots of improvements around uploading files

Will no longer create an empty directory when an upload fails


Added better messaging when errors occur. Improved uploading function to workaround PHP limitations.


Resolved issue where migrating to a new site may cause the optional opt-in to fail


Added Gutenberg support via a new e-Learning block — Fixed a bug where changing the title would result in a 404 on the content.


Fixed issue where content couldn’t be uploaded in Divi


Fixed an issue where some MindManager files wouldn’t upload properly.


Added support for iSpring files published to Tin Can / xAPI


Fixes issue where some customers were seeing a 404 error on their content due to an improperly configured access restriction file or plugin


Misc. bug fixes and added «powered by» branding.


Added better support for Articulate Rise SCORM courses. Added better error messaging when an HTML file can’t be found.


Added support for CoursePress Learning Management System. This plugin also supports LearnPress and LearnDash


Misc. bug fixes


Added support for Captivate, Lectora, Camtasia, iSpring, Elucidat, Gomo, Obisidian Black, MindManager, or any other tool’s content


Misc. bug fixes


Changed the way content is uploaded so that you don’t have to worry about upload size limits. Also, scrolling is disabled by default. Do you need to upload content created in other apps like Captivate, Lectora, Camtasia, iSpring, Elucidat, Gomo, Obisidian Black, MindManager, or any other tool? The premium plugin now supports them all. Learn more at


Misc bug fixes around file upload size in the trial version. The premium version uses a different mechanism to upload really large file sizes. Please upgrade to the premium version if your server has low upload limits


Fixed an issue where a PHP warning would occur


Added diagnostics


Remove calls to googleapi for loading certain styles and turned off scrolling by default when inserting content


Fixed iframe issue


Fixed warning in footer


Resolved issue where JavaScript and CSS related to lightboxes was loading when it shouldn’t.


Initial version.