Widget enables you to customize your own welcome message or any phrases based on visitors’ country. It will detect website visitors location via IP address and then make it easy to conveniently create a simple localized message like «Hello friend from Canada».

This plugin supports the geolocation information via IP address, such as

  • <IP> — IP address of visitor
  • <COUNTRY> — Full country name of visitor
  • <COUNTRYSHORT> — 2-digit country name of visitor
  • <REGION> — State or region of visitor
  • <CITY> — City of visitor
  • <ISP> — Internet service provider (ISP) of visitor
  • <FLAG> — Flag of country

The above geolocation information can be easily added into your welcome message in any form you like. For example:
«Welcome, my friend from <CITY>, <COUNTRY>» will display «Welcome, my friend from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia».

The <CITY> and <COUNTRY> are the one of the example tags that you can use to display the geo location information.


  • Tags available


Using the WordPress dashboard

  1. Login to your wordpress
  2. Go to Plugins
  3. Select Add New
  4. Search for IP2Phrase
  5. Select Install
  6. Select Install Now
  7. Select Activate Plugin
  8. Go to Widgets
  9. Drag IP2Phrase to sidebar


  1. Download and unzip the plugin
  2. Upload the entire IP2Phrase/ directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  4. Go to Widgets
  5. Drag IP2Phrase to sidebar

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