isabiDeliver for WooCommerce


A isabiDeliver Logistics integration for Woocommerce, including real-time delivery rates, task scheduling, and real-time tracking and updates.


  • Real-Time Shipping Calculation
  • Schedule Task on Successful Payments
  • Manually create task
  • Track pickup and delivery
  • Real-time task update


This plugin currently serves deliveries in Abuja, Nigeria only


  • Real-Time Shipping Calculation
  • isabiDeliver Shipping Settings


Login to your wordpress site as an “admin user” and follow the steps below.

  1. Install this plugin then activate it.

  2. Go to Woocommerce Settings Page > Shipping Tab

  3. Click the Sub Tab “isabiDeliver”.

  4. Download isabiDeliver APP on your phone and create an account.

  5. Send an email to to request a live Key.

  6. Fill up other necessary settings.

  7. Save all settings.


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