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JJ NextGen Image List


The ‘JJ NextGen List’ allows you to create an image list as a widget or as a shortcode.
This plugin uses the ‘NextGen Gallery’ plugin for its images.


  • NextGen Gallery Plugin (https://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/nextgen-gallery/)

NextGen Gallery Integration:

  • This plugin uses the original width and height of the image uploaded so make sure the images are the correct dimensions when uploaded.
  • If a width and height are defined under the configuration all images will be resized to those dimensions=.
  • Alt & Title Text Field: Provide a full url here and the image will link to this. Only works if alt field starts with either of these; /, http, or ftp.
  • Description Field: Will be used as image alt text. If alt text is present but not a valid url alt text will be used instead for image alt text.

You can specify the following parameters:

NOTE: sc means shortcode:

  • Title: Title. Leave blank for no title. (sc: title=»My Image List»)
  • Gallery: Leave blank to use all galleries or choose a gallery to use. (sc: gallery=»galleryid»)
  • Order: Order to display results in. You can choose; Random, Latest First, Oldest First, or NextGen Sortorder. Random will still work when a page is cached. (sc: order=»random»|»asc»|»desc»|»sortorder»)
  • Shuffle: If order is random and this is true will shuffle images with javascript. Useful if your are caching your pages. (sc: shuffle=»true»|»false»)
  • Orientation: Can pick vertical or horizontal defaults to vertical. (sc: orientation=»vertical»|»horizontal»)
  • Max pictures: The maximum amount of pictures to use. (sc: max_pictures=»6″)
  • HTML id: HTML id to use. Defaults to ‘image_list’. Needs to be different for multiple instances on same page. (sc: html_id=»image_list»)
  • Image width: All images with be assigned this width. (sc: width=»200″)
  • Image height: All images with be assigned this height. (sc: height=»150″)
  • Image gap: Gap between images. (sc: gap=»5″)
  • Center: Centers content in container. Requires width to be set. (sc: center=»1″)

Shortcode Examples:

  • [jj-ngg-image-list html_id=»about-image-list» gallery=»1″ width=»200″ height=»150″]

Try out my other plugins:

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JJ Coder


  • Vertical images.
  • Horizontal images.


Please refer to the description for requirements and how to use this plugin.

  1. Copy the entire directory from the downloaded zip file into the /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  2. Activate the «JJ NextGen Image List» plugin in the Plugin Management page.
  3. Refer to the description to use the plugin as a widget and or a shortcode.

Часто задаваемые вопросы


  • How can I use plugin inside normal PHP code?


  • echo do_shortcode(‘[jj-ngg-image-list html_id=»about-image-list» gallery=»1″ width=»200″ height=»150″]’);


  • Doesn’t work after upgrade? or Doesn’t work with this theme?


  • Please check that you don’t have two versions of jQuery loading, this is the problem most of the time. Sometimes a theme puts in
    tags at the end of newlines aswell.


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