Спортивные предсказания для JoomSport


Create a sport prediction leagues, choose matches from your JoomSport and compete with other site users predicting match outcome. Are you looking for some free betting site experience? This is the right sport plugin for you!

Check Statorium Sports API connected (pro edition). It allows you to pull the automatic results from public football leagues and count the predcition result automatically.

JoomSport predictions with Statorium is the perfect solution to build the predicting gamification engline for FIFA World Cup held in Qatar 2022.

Основные функции

  • Создавайте Лиги Предсказаний которые прикреплены к спортивным сезонам JoomSport
  • Create your March Madness alike knockouts prediction competition with any brackets size.
  • Разделяйте все JoomSport матчи на Туры
  • Добавляйте ваши спортивные предсказания для выбраных матчей в каждом туре
  • Просмотривайте таблицу лидеров на страницах сайта
  • Возможность просмотра изменений мест в таблице лидеров (Про версия)
  • Create Private prediction leagues and invide your friends to compete (Pro edition)
  • Integration with Football data API to make predictions for public soccer leagues data (JoomSport pro edition)

Платная версия

Доступна Про версия предсказаний


Демонстрационные страницы


Проверьте доступные переводы на страничке переводов

Подходит для

It can be connected to any team or single player sports that supported by JoomSport plugin:
* Football, Soccer (e.g. Champions league, FIFA World Cup, UEFA EURO Cup, Premier league predictions)
* Ice Hockey (e.g. NHL, KHL, AHL)
* Volleyball (e.g. FIVB)
* Rugby
* American Football (e.g. AFL, NFL)
* Basketball (e.g. NBA)
* Futsal
* Darts
* Handball
* Billiard
* Snooker
* Table Tennis, Ping-Pong
* Tennis (e.g. US Open, ATP World Tour)
* Water Polo
* eSport games (Counter Strike, WoW, Fifa, Dota)
* Chess
* Lawn bawls
* Softball
* Badminton
* Cricket
* Golf
* any other sport where there is a match/game between two participants…

Сопутсвующие продукты

  • JoomSport Achievements — solution for such sports as racing, gymnastics, athletics, skiing, etc. It is based on structure where many players compete with each other simultaneously
  • JoomSport — integrated solution for such sports as football, soccer, hockey, basketball, volleball etc. It is based on structure where TWO participants compete with each other in a single match
  • Schedule Generator (included into JoomSport Pro edition)

Наш слоган и глобальная цель

We push our client’s projects to new level. Our global goal — to develop top quality software for sport league complete management.


  • Таблица Лидеров
  • Список Туров
  • Viewing knockout prediction result
  • Создавая предсказания
  • Блок предсказаний на странице матча (Про версия)
  • Настройки плагина предсказаний
  • Создание лиги предсказаний
  • Добавление матчей к Туру
  • Создание частных лиг (Про версия)


I asked the developers at JoomSport to create a customized version of their prediction league plugin, and they did a fantastic job! The product is just as desired, and the devs were very attentive to every detail I described. The end result was an awesome plugin with even more functionality than the standard prediction app. Great work, and great product!
30.12.2018 1 ответ
It is missing one very basic functionality: Close all games in each round list once at a specific time. Not even in your premium version? Also it has one bug: Users stay in the leaderboard when deleted with an empty row It caused me a lot of trouble… Stay away from them. You have been warned.
22.08.2018 1 ответ
Very great plugin. Very good job for this team. Thank you!
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Участники и разработчики

«Спортивные предсказания для JoomSport» — проект с открытым исходным кодом. В развитие плагина внесли свой вклад следующие участники:


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Журнал изменений


matches filter works with new version of PHP


count points when matchday save bugfix


counting points bugfix


counting points bugfix


Bonus points for guessing one side score
Joker match to make your points 2x (pro version)


[version overview] (https://beardev.com/blog/joomsport-predictions-for-wordpress-major-release-2-0)

Fully new aproach for managing Private leagues — via shortcode (pro version only)
My points widgets
Login link settings
New aproach for counting points in matches with extra time
Improved navigation on rounds
Round list: added league column
Minor CSS fixes
March madness round type is added to standard version of plugin
Minor bugfixes


Minor fixes
Compatibility with Statorium.com service
Compatibility with JoomSport 3.2.3 nad higher
Show user’s predictions once match started
Delete user causes errors
Top Predictions block doesn’t display predictions with 0 for Home score (Pro)

1.4 — Usability release

Show incomplete rounds in dropdown
Add action buttons to round list
Add login message for non-logged users
Show users predictions once match is started but not finished yet
Predictions closed status for passed rounds

1.3 — March madness release

Predict knockouts — aka «March madness» predictions
Configure columns you want to display on leaderboard
Minor fixes


Private leagues (Pro version)
Add prediction blocks to JoomSport matches
Improved leaderboard view
Avatars for users
Highlight logged in user
Place changer counter (Pro version)
New icons
Improved UI creating leagues and rounds
Localization fixes
Save message


Improved leaderboard view
Filters for adding matches to the round
Ordering options
Point aqusition option
Translation script
Timezone fix


Первый стабильный релиз