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JSJ Gallery Slideshow


JSJ Gallery Slideshow immediately improves all your WordPress galleries, with simple, elegant and easy-to-use slideshows. It does this completely automatically (really, it’s that simple!). You only have to install the plugin and all your slideshows will be automatically converted to something like this.


Since version 2.0.0., you can now change between different themes, including ‘Classic’, ‘Classic with Captions’ and premium themes (More to come soon!). Themes make JSJ Gallery Slideshow the perfect plugin for total beginners (plug-and-play and no configuration), as well as for advanced Front-End developers who want to create their own pixel-perfect themes (Hooks for registering plugins!).


You can change the way the slideshow is displayed through changing settings such as speed, transition effect and timeout between transition.

The plugin is based on the excellent Jquery Cycle 2, one of the best jQuery slideshow plugins out there.

Plugin by Jorge Silva-Jetter

Build with jQuery Cycle 2

Inspired by Cargo

Available translations: Spanish, Dutch (Translated by datiswous)

Online Examples

You can see some online examples here:

  1. http://plugins.thejsj.com/themes/classic/

  2. http://plugins.thejsj.com/themes/classic-with-caption/

  3. http://plugins.thejsj.com/themes/moa/

  4. http://plugins.thejsj.com/themes/volga/

  5. http://thejsj.com/#/uncategorized/jsj-gallery-slideshow-example/

  6. http://thejsj.com/#/pieces/anything-worth-saying-exhibition/



  1. Upload the entire jsj-gallery-slideshow folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or simply use the Plugin upload interface in the admin.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress. At that moment, all your slideshows will be automatically converted into JSJ Gallery Slideshows.
  3. Optional. If you want to change any of the options for the plugin or change the default theme, go to Settings -> JSJ Gallery Slideshow.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

If you have any questions, please try to add a ticket in the WordPress support forum for this plugin (https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/jsj-gallery-slideshow).

If you have bought any premium plugins related to JSJ Gallery Slideshow, email support@thejsj.com.


Simple and stripped down slideshow. Would have been nice with graphical icons to move forward and backwards. Otherwise perfect.
Most plugins want you to make an individual slider in the settings and then insert the shortcode, but I was looking for something that would take the uploaded images to that page (from the default WordPress gallery) and make a quick and simple slideshow. Not many downloads or reviews, but trust me this will save you time and headache! Works great on mobile too, it's very light.
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Журнал изменений


First Version.


Added translation capabilities.
Added Spanish(es_ES) translation to plugin.
Created javascript function to ensure easier use with AJAX.
Changed default image size to ‘Full’.
Fixed some HTML bugs.


Embarrassing spelling mistakes… will I ever learn?


Fixing plugin class name mistake.


Fixing javascript function mistake.


Fixing javascript function mistake.


Completely revamped the admin for a much more intuitive experience
Optimized CSS and Javascript code through minification
Deleted some unnecessary and unintuitive settings
Added ‘check for shortcode’ setting


Added check that prevents slideshow from being initialized multiple times


Adding ‘Resources’ links and Feature Request form.


Minor Javascript Changes
Adding ‘of’ as translation string


Adding Dutch translation. Translated by datiswous


Adding default image/thumbnail size as a gallery option. (Advanced Options)


Fixing small image/thumbnail related error.


Added themes!
Added two new themes: Classic and Classic with Caption.
Slideshows are now responsive thanks to Cycle 2.
Added swipe capability for touch screens.


Added ability to re-query DOM in order for AJAX to work
Added span to slash between previous and next.