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Plugin for the integration of a free calendar from or


With this plugin you can easily integrate a calendar on your website for free.
The calendar is responsive and optimized for all devices by scaling with the size of your device. You can show your events in the day, week, month or year view.
Daily start time, daily end time as well as the time interval are adjustable. For a better overview sub-calendars can be created in different colors.
You can also manage your events conveniently outside your WordPress installation via a special access link, e.g. on your smartphone.


  1. Please create a free account on (german speaking users:
  2. Add the shortcode below to your website.
  3. Exchange in the shortcode the link to the calendar with your «reader link», which you received by email after registration. You can also find the «reader link» in the settings.
  4. You can now easily edit events and settings via your «administrator link», which you received after registration.


[calendar_expert height=650px width=100% link=] is a German GDPR (DSGVO) compliant company with server location in Germany. Our german website is


If you have problems with the plugin, please contact us at


  • weekly view website
  • monthly view website
  • daily view website
  • monthly view Notebook
  • weekly view tablet


Really a very good calender. Clean work, super documentation. The team did an excellent job. Thank you very much.
In our hobby club we are doing a lot of love. But there is not enough to spend for this awesome plugin! Love you guys :-*
Sehr simples und gutes Plugin für die schnelle Einbindung eines Kalenders. Wir nutzen auch als Teamkalender. Er bietet im Bereich der Rechteverwaltung viele Funktionen, die uns die Arbeit erleichtern.
DAs Plugin lässt sich weder vom Stil anpassen noch ist es als Widget nutzbar. Besonders das Design ist abschreckend, da groß und kindlich bunt. Leider für meine Zwecke nicht ansatzweise denk- oder nutzbar.
Die beiden süßen Boys aus Düsseldorf haben da was ganz Duftes gebastelt. Nutze den Kalender für meinen Friseursalon. Macht weiter so! Tschüssi Euer Pascal
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