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Kanban boards are best known for agile project management, but work well for customer relationship management (CRM), tracking sales, scheduling content publishing, hiring new employees, and more. See and show progress on your projects. Get more done.

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Вот минутный видеоролик о том как использовать доску сразу после установки:

Возможности плагина

  • Простая установка
  • Настройка доски для работы вашей команды, в том числе произвольные плавающие колонки.
  • Most editing is «edit in place» for quick updating. Create tasks and projects quickly, right from the board.
  • Assign tasks to team members to make sure they’ll get done.
  • Estimate how long you think tasks will take, then track your hours to see the progress of tasks as they get done.
  • Create custom views by filtering and searching for tasks. Bookmark them for easy access.
  • Manage the users who have access to the board, for privacy and integrated project management.
  • Данные хранятся отдельно от данных WordPress, для обеспечения безопасности и конфиденциальности.
  • Collaborate in real-time, and see updates live.
  • Работает на мобильных устройствах!
  • Lots of extra features available through paid add-ons — multiple boards, to-do lists, task flagging, notifications, and more.

«Easy to install, easy to use!» — Hovig Devejian

«Kanban for WordPress allows us to focus on our work and not waste time managing tasks.» — Brad Chellingwort

«I’ve used lot of commercial project management tools but was never overjoyed on data security. These guys have done it. You Own All Your Data.» — wpsupport.io

Common Uses

While most our users are covered by the applications below, there are endless ways you can use Kanban – just get creative!

  • Project management and collaboration – just like Trello for WordPress. Kanban lets project managers make task and to-do lists and move them between various boards to show progress.
  • Editorial calendar – use Kanban to plan your content calendar over time, assign articles and blog posts, lead discussions, and meet your deadlines.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – collate customer information to analyze interactions and improve business relationships. You can easily use boards to track the status of customers and see when you should reach out to them.
  • Sales tracking – plan every activity between «now» and «sold» to make sure your funnel keeps flowing smoothly. Tracking and analysis let you see what’s working and who’s performing.»

Check out Kanban Pro for additional features


  • Comments: Boost communication through task comments. Now everyone can discuss a task as you work on it. Comments update live as people discuss a task. View “system” comments along side user comments, to track the progress of tasks as they’re worked on.
  • User management: Take more control over your Kanban boards. Work more closely with clients and team members. Control exactly who has access to what on your kanban board.
  • Fields & Attachments: Get granular with info and files attached to your tasks. Add custom fields, details and attach files to each task. Customize the data associated with each field, to add new uses to your Kanban board. Add to-do lists for sub-tasks, dates for tracking deadlines or text fields to add notes.
  • Colors: Improve clarity by color coding your tasks. Add a colored flag to the corner of your tasks for further organization. Color-code tasks for priority, work type (development, design, writing), or whatever.
  • Notifications: Keep everyone on the same page, even if they’re not on the site. Get notified when changes are made to your kanban board. Users of your choice will receive an email updating them that changes have been made.
  • Multiple boards: Extend your work flow with multiple Kanban boards. Run multiple boards on the same site. Teams or individuals can have their own boards to manage different projects.

While using this plugin if you find any bugs, please submit an issue at Github or use the «Contact us» form included in the plugin.

Политика конфиденциальности

Для получения оптимальной работы, при активации, плагин сделает тест подключения API. Этот API вызов является анонимным и НЕ передаёт какую-либо идентификационную информацию о вашем сайте или профиле.


  • Пример канбан-доски
  • Kanba доска на экране мобильного
  • Экран редактирования проектов на канбан-доске
  • На странице настроек, где устанавливается цвет столбцов (плавающих)
  • The general settings page


  1. Скачать плагин
  2. Unzip into /wp-content/plugins, or go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin
  3. Перейдите в раздел плагинов WordPress
  4. Жмите «активировать» под «Kanban for WordPress», чтобы активировать плагин
  5. Перейдите в раздел «Kanban», нажав на ссылку, которая появится в меню панели администратора WordPress. Там вы можете управлять настройками доски «kanban».
  6. Нажмите «Перейти к доске», чтобы открыть канбан-доску и начать создавать задачи!


We have bought this plugin 149$. But they are not accessible. The support impossible. I have sent support message six times. They didn't answer.
I just signed up for the Pro version of Kanban for WordPress. Only a few project management solutions have a lifetime deal. The fact that Kanban for WordPress has a lifetime deal is exceptional. My Team's Problem My small team has many projects and we work remotely, so a project management solution made a lot of sense. After researching some of the "best" project management solutions, I signed up my team for a year of Basecamp. Though Basecamp is a good product, I knew it was not affordable for our small team to continue a yearly subscription to Basecamp. Since I already had a WordPress site, I began looking at project management solutions for WordPress. As my reason for leaving Basecamp was the yearly expense, I especially was interested in WordPress project management solutions with lifetime payment options. Why My Team Chose Kanban for WordPress I came across Kanban for WordPress. It drew me in because I really like the way the kanban cards look. I tried the free version and noticed how easy it was to use, including the ability to easily drag cards between columns, and easily editing the contents of cards. I can see why people like to use kanban cards for project management. The best thing about Kanban for WordPress from my perspective was the lifetime deal. I knew my team would need the multiple boards functionality, so I signed up for the Pro version. Dealing with Cons Kanban for WordPress offers great kanban boards, but at first glance Kanban appears lacking in some other features found in other project manager plugins. But do you really need the fancy features of other plugins? WordPress has so many features already, including post management and media management, so how about we just take advantage of standard WordPress features for our project management? Here is the WordPress stack my team is setting up now: We added a subdomain to our WordPress site. The main domain is for visitors checking out our content. The subdomain is for our team's project management. We used the free Members plugin to make our whole subdomain private. In this way, only our team members have access to the project management subdomain. Also using the free Members plugin, I set up a role that I called "Wiki Author," and I gave all the team members this role (except myself, as I already have the Admin role). The "Wiki Author" role allows my team members to edit not only their own posts, but also other team members' posts. So now we have a wiki, using default WordPress posts. This allows us to collaborate on document content. Now I installed Kanban for WordPress. This gives us an advanced kanban approach to to-do lists. This will work great for our team to track our progress on our projects. Having multiple kanban boards (Kanban Pro feature) allows us to better organize our projects. Next, I am planning to add bbPress to take advantage of forums for my team. Unlike our wiki, the forums content will not be changed by others. This will be useful as a record of our conversations. On the other hand, our wiki is more for collaborative documentation. Bonus features of self-hosted WordPress project management: We will be self-hosted, making our content more secure. We can also add any appealing plugin(s) that may come along in the future. Conclusion In all, I would say the savings associated with moving away from Basecamp will be a huge help for my small team. I am so pleased that Kanban for WordPress has a lifetime Pro option, as that sealed the deal for me. If your team is serious about having more projects in the future, look at project management solutions that have a lifetime deal, first.
02.11.2020 1 ответ
I don't recommend running this plugin on a multisite installation. It does NOT clean up after itself on disable or deletion, with or without an option to do so or any kind of warning. (I also couldn't find any discussion of this in their support documentation.) It adds ten tables to your database for each activated site and they are not deleted upon disable or deletion of the plugin or even deletion of the site. The developers say this is for the user's protection. (For the record, I discovered this when some of these old tables became corrupted and were breaking my DB backup job.) Okey-dokey, now you know.
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