Katalys Merchant Sales Bridge


Increase conversions and lower Customer Acquisition Cost. Katalys Our simplest plugin yet brings you the power of the Katalys Shop. The Katalys Shop is a frictionless, fully responsive e-commerce technology that allows product discovery and product purchase to take place anywhere on the web. In this case the plugin makes sure products can be imported into Katalys Shops directly from your products in WooCommerce, as well as pushing orders into your fulfillment flow automatically. All the while using your WooCommerce installation and your own payment gateways. The Katalys Shop allows you to sell more, in more places, through extending products in your WooCommerce installation to any content on the web and beyond.
In a couple of clicks you can get set up with the plugin and start creating Katalys Shops!

Get started with Katalys Shops

Ready to drive more sales? It’s easy to get started:

  • Fill out our form to set up an account.
  • We will review your application and may ask for verification before approving your account. Once it’s approved, we’ll activate your account on our platform.
  • Finally, install our free WordPress plugin to complete the required Technical Integration. The plugin will automatically configure itself based on your approved domain.
  • Questions? Contact us at info@katalys.com.

Our pricing structure is built specifically for your business needs. You only pay when the Katalys Shop drives verified/paid orders! Want to talk about other options? Reach out and talk to us about it.

Drive More Sales, Automatically

The Katalys Shop plugin for WordPress / WooCommerce enables you to easily and automatically drive more eCommerce sales. It’s designed to help you succeed in:

  • Having product discovery and product purchase take place anywhere on the web
  • Starting conversations and connections with prospective customers for your products/services earlier
  • Close sales faster at point of discovery when possible
  • Generating more sales, every day
  • Paying only for sales that really happen

Feature Highlights

Easily Create your Katalys Shops

The Katalys plugin for WordPress / WooCommerce helps you collect data in support of an effective execution of campaigns:

  • Point of discovery sales vs. conversions coming later through your site (you’ll see both)
  • What deployments and placements work best for you
  • Special offers and product launches taken to another level
  • Perfect for lowering your customer acquisition costs

Plugin Features

  • Easy import of products into Katalys Shops
  • Orders go automatically into your normal fulfillment flow
  • Use your own payment gateways
  • Reporting is crystal clear and helps you improve campaigns

Why Brands Love Katalys Shops

Acquire new customers and extend your shops to anywhere!

You can use the shops in all of your existing relationships with publishers, marketers and influencers. Who drives the most sales? You’ll soon know for sure. Or talk to us about how we can acquire customers for you through our connections with hundreds of curated publishers, marketers, and influencers around the world. Katalys Shops can be deployed in content, in campaigns, in video and has even been used in ads. And you only pay when partners and publishers generate sales.

Ecommerce Industry Knowledge

Our publishers and advertisers are in experienced hands when it comes to structuring offers and driving performance. We can help get those deals across the line.

  • Forward leaning

    Let us help you grow your customer base and eCommerce revenue with our collective decades of experience.

  • Your business is important to us

    We only allow transparent, transformative brands and safe, quality, compliant traffic from our publishers.

  • Long, Strong Relationships

    We focus on building sustainable relationships with our Advertisers and Publishers, so everyone wins.

  • Born to Grow

    Driving results on performance is in our blood. Clicks and impressions are not enough if you want to grow a business.

    Privacy Statement

    Your customers are your customers! Collected data is only used to attribute your sales growth, where appropriate, in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Katalys partners with brands to create strong relationships to help you drive performance — our focus is on your success!


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  • Fix error with function wc_add_notice
  • Fix error with calculating tax
  • New feature — You can add coupons with the prefix KS_ and Woocommerce will use it automatically when the order is from Katalys platform.


  • Fix error with variable type


  • Test compatibility with the latest version of WordPress.


  • Change attribute meta, external_data, and external_id.
  • Improve API, fix problem with directive update availability
  • Changed data external_id that send for katalys platform.

2023-05-11: Resolve a bug caused by deprecations.

2022-10-07: Introducing to WordPress.org marketplace!

2022-09-26: Dependency reduction

2022-09-01: API updates

2022-05-13: First version