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Plugin good at first glance. The main problem I have is that it isn't perfect for membership site, hopefully they can fix this. If a WP user creates a support ticket, but enters a different email address than the one on their account, KB-Support doesn't link this "KB-Support customer" to WP user, instead creates a new "customer" in KB Support. This makes for a lot of extra work trying to find the actual WP user (when trying to change their details, or fix account problems, etc), especially a problem for me running a membership website. I have tried deleting the duplicate KB-Support customer, changing the email address of the other KB-Support customer to the new one (matching the WP user email address), and it still doesn't link to the WP user.
We've set up a new plugin for the events sector and use KB Support for our Articles and ticket logging system. Such an easy plugin to use.
KB Support has been a real life-saver and has enabled me to get rid of the over-priced support platform that I had been using. The plugin is well-built, is very intuitive and has worked faultlessly, providing all the features you need to provide a first-class support system and doumentation. The extensions are very reasonably priced and with the addition of the Email Support extension I have everything I had from my previous help desk provider and more! Thanks for the great plugin!
This is a great ticket system for WordPress. I've added the premium extensions Canned Replies, KB integration, and Email Piping. It does all that I need without having to pay a high monthly fee for a 3rd party ticket service.
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