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Note the latest realease has some major backend changes. It incorporates Imaths Wp status library. It works perfectly on my setups, and seems to be working well elsewhere, but if it breaks anything on yours let me know in the support forum and I will address the issue immediately

This plugin allows you to archive your WordPress content similar to the way you archive your e-mail. Unlike other archiving solutions though this actually does it all and does it properly

  • Makes a new post status available in the drop down called Archived
  • Hides or removes your content without having to trash the content
  • Content can either be hidden entirely from public view or simply from the main loop and feed and pages, with other solutions you can only hide it from public view.
  • Allows you to add a label to the title of those posts/pages etc that are archived
  • Allows you to add a message to the top of the post/page etc that the content is no longer up too date
  • Allows you to set an archiving date after which content is automatically changed to having an archived status
  • Compatible with posts, pages and custom post types

This plugin is ideal for sites where certain kinds of content is not meant to be evergreen

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  1. Upload the entire lh-archived-post-status folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Активируйте плагин на странице «Плагины» в панели управления WordPress.
  3. Navigate to Settings->Reading and set the visibility and archiving message

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Isn’t this the same as using the Draft or Private statuses?

Actually, no, they are not the same thing.

The Draft status is a «pre-published» status that is reserved for content that is still being worked on. You can still make changes to content marked as Draft, and you can preview your changes.

The Private status is a special kind of published status. It means the content is only available to certain logged in users.

The Archived post status, on the other hand, is meant to be a «post-published» status. Once a post has been set to Archived the content is either hidden entirely from non logged in viewers or removed from the front page and feed (but still available on singular pages). This behaviour is controlled in the settings screen.

Doesn’t this do the same thing as the other archiving plugin in the repository?

Actually it does more! Unlike the other plugin content archived with this plugin can still be available to non logged in visitors (depends on plugin settings) and just removed from the front page and xml feeds (with a custom message can also be added to flag to visitors that the content is no longer up too date). Alternately it can be hidden entirely (to non logged in viewers).

Can’t I just trash old content I don’t want anymore?

Yes, there is nothing wrong with trashing old content. However it will be hidden from non logged in viewers.

However, WordPress automatically purges trashed posts every 7 days (by default), so it will be gone.

This is what makes the Archived post status handy. You can unpublish content without having to delete it forever.

How can I view a listing of my archived content on its own archive pagelisting all archived posts, pages etc?

This not not part of my plugin per se but it is easily done.

The easiest way would be to install a plugin that allows you to query by post_status eg: https://wordpress.org/plugins/display-posts-shortcode/

and input the shortcode with the post_status of archive:, eg [display-posts post_status=”archive”]

If you want to customise the display that shortcode has plenty of arguments. There are also other shortcodes tha can do this (just search the repository).

My archived posts have disappeared when I deactivate the plugin, why is this?

The reason is that wordpress no longer recognises them, but they are still in the database. If you no longer need the plugin, just reactivate it, switch all the archived posts/pages/cpts to a native post status and THEN deactivate the plugin.

What if something does not work?

LH Archived Post Status, and all https://lhero.org plugins are made to WordPress standards. Therefore they should work with all well coded plugins and themes. However not all plugins and themes are well coded (and this includes many popular ones).

If something does not work properly, firstly deactivate ALL other plugins and switch to one of the themes that come with core, e.g. twentyfifeen, twentysixteen etc.

If the problem persists please leave a post in the support forum: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/lh-archived-post-status/. I look there regularly and resolve most queries.

What if I need a feature that is not in the plugin?

Please contact me for custom work and enhancements here: https://shawfactor.com/contact/


15.07.2023 2 ответа
When Automattic developed WordPress, it had a crazy notion of what an 'archive' is. 20+ years later, we're stuck to the same definition: WP considers that an 'archive' is really just a list of past articles, neatly ordered by month/year. But that's not the case. A real Archive is a place where you can store posts that are not relevant any longer — thus keeping them away from the Loop — but without deleting them, because, naturally enough, the whole point of having an Archive is to allow search engines and backlinks to 'old' articles to still work correctly. This is the whole point of this simple plugin: to allow to add a new status to every post/page, classifying it as having been archived. This means that the post/page will not require any changes: it doesn't need to be deleted, change its category, add any tags, or simply set to Draft (so that it doesn't appear). Instead, posts and pages stay exactly as they were before — just with a new status (beyond the classic ones, i.e., published, private, draft). Because this status is an addition, this means that all well-behaved plugins and themes will not recognise it as a valid status (i.e. when checking if a post is published, the theme/plugin will not find the archived posts), and so they effectively 'disappear' from the visibility status of most 3rd party code. That's exactly what we expect to happen with an 'archived' post. And that's precisely what this plugin does, and does quite well; as such, it comes as highly recommended by many reviewers, and ranks high on their lists of 'best' plugins for a specific purpose. The plugin itself is well-written, strictly follows all coding guidelines as set by Automattic and the developer community, regularly maintained, and has very reasonable support on the forums: issues are opened, followed up by the author, and closed when resolved or when threads become stale due to lack of activity. Documentation is minimal, because the plugin is so simple to activate and use (and not because anything is missing). Sadly, at the time of writing this (July 2023), this plugin suffers from a dependency of a third-party library which, unfortunately, breaks the posting workflow, introducing a new way of saving new posts which is not only counter-intuitive, but lacks essential functionality. Work is under progress to restore the normal functionality of the posting workflow, but, until that happens (which is beyond the plugin author's control), it means that you very likely won't wish to use this plugin on any WordPress site that is used by more than one author. I will certainly review my classification in the future, once this major issue gets resolved, and LH Archived Post Status works again, flawlessly integrated into the WordPress posting workflow, as it did in pre-Gutenberg days.
28.03.2023 2 ответа
This plugin adds an essential function to our Wordpress site. In particular we use it to archive posts and recall them thanks to the "Archived" status in a custom loop query.After trying a few, we chose this one for its completeness and simplicity, but also because it doesn't add unnecessary graphical mods to our backend interface, which often happens with some major plugins.Thanks shawfactor for the great job and the ready support service!
01.01.2023 8 ответов
I just wish it had bulk archiving to make my work easier. Does it?
This is a very useful plugin in certain situations. The plugin author was very responsive when a conflict occurred with another plugin, and worked at fixing it until the conflict was resolved. Highly recommended if you have the need to archive old content.
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